Joe Hogarty’s 4/11/13 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Joe Hogarty visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday and has a ton of newsworthy photos (including A Pirate’s Adventure, the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train, Princess Aurora’s new costume, and more) to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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Stage set for the AFV taping

I love that it actually fits Main Street U.S.A.

Beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom

Jack Sparrow What-Not?

The Crow’s Nest will be the starting point for A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas

There is a queue set up now

The sign above the entrance is covered

Tangled tower

It has become a popular photo spot

No visible progress on Princess Fairytale Hall

Work continues on the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train

More scaffolding going up on the west side

Meanwhile, the facade on the east side is nearing completion

It looks nearly complete from this side

The track was wrapped to accommodate other work

Triton’s Treasures should be open by the Summer

New rock work going up

Other than a few walls that were enclosed, nothing new over here

The Mad Tea Party is closed for refurbishment



Princess Aurora has received an updated costume as well now

Looks nice

Jack Sparrow really let himself go…


  1. disneyluvSW

    when do you think that the magic tea cups are going to re-open because i am going in april and i finally have someone who will go on it with me and if it is closed i will cry :(

  2. Joe Hogarty

    Don't know if you noticed but the AFV photos show Mickey ears on the railing. Didn't notice that till I got home and checked out the photos.

  3. michael stapf

    what exactly is the time frame for princess fairy tale hall to be open? will it be open in the spring or sometime in the next year?

    it seem there's been so little reported lately on it's progress, i was just curious as to when it'll be opening, thanks

    • Joe Hogarty

      When I was there on Thursday, I definitely heard allot of construction work going on inside the Princess Fairytale Hall. I wouldn't be surprised if it opens soon. It is scheduled to open this year and remember them saying that it was opening early 2013.

    • Wow, I'm sure you're a pretty princess too. Finding an actress who matches a cartoon character's proportions would be impossible.

      And I'm pretty sure that's not an actor trying to be the Jack Sparrow character anyway. Just a blogger trying to come up with a funny caption that doesn't work.

  4. CJ

    I love these photo reports because we intentionally since our last visit in fall of 2011 due to all of the 2012-mid-2013 construction. We did LOVE an Alaskan Disney Cruise in 2012 which I recommend to everyone. We can't wait to see all of the changes when we visit next late Sept-2013 and the SS Member Disney Cruise! Keep the photo reports coming!

  5. AutumnJ

    Anybody know anything about when pirate week is going to be???? i keep on seeing comments about it but no dates :( trying to plan a trip to disney but want to go for that…….

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