Disney’s Hollywood Studios 20th Anniversary TwitPic Report

Yesterday, May 1st, was of course the 20th anniversary of the Disney-MGM Studios, now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Our own Tom Corless, as well as other members of the staff were (and still are) at Walt Disney World for the festivities. As soon as they return from the Resort they’ll be providing great high quality photos with us, but for the time being, thanks to our very own WDWNT Twitter, we have a few photos of the official Disney events, festivities, and merchandise for Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s 20th anniversary:

These banners were hung up at the turnstiles

The 20th anniversary times guide, featurings times and the location for the special “A Look Back at the Creation of Our Park” presentation with Tom Fitzgerald, Eric Jacobson, and Bob Weiss from Walt Disney Imagineering

A special rope drop was held for the anniversary with vice president of the park, Rilous Carter, welcoming guests to the park on this special ocassion

The 20 Years of Magic T-shirt

Inside the Premiere Theatre for the “A Look Back at the Creation of Our Park” presentation

The 20th anniversary cupcakes for sale just on May 1st at Starring Roles

The 20th anniversary cell for sale featuring a 20th birthday cake over the original map of the Disney-MGM Studios

For many more photos from his trip to WDW, please visit Tom Corless’ Twitter, the official Twitter for WDW News Today. And as I said, stay tuned for when our staff members return in the week for many photo reports!

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