Fantasyland Character Shuffle Moves Rapunzel Out and Merida In

As announced on the Disney Parks Blog earlier today, Merida from Disney-PIXAR’s Brave is going to be taking over Rapunzel’s current home in Fairytale Gardens in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Merida’s Fairytale Garden meet and greet will be a a setting inspired by her Scottish Highlands home, where young guests will be invited to engage in archery lessons and other activities until it’s their turn to meet her. Joining Merida will be the three bear cubs from the film, who will no doubt be up to plenty of mischief.

To prepare for Merida’s arrival, Rapunzel will be moving from Fairytale Garden April 15, to a new spot at the outskirts of Adventureland where she will continue to do meet and greets, possibly along with Flynn Rider once again.

With the Tangled characters remaining so popular, it is apparent that the move to Adventureland won’t be permanent and that the rumors we reported a few months back of the Fantasyland Skyway replacement including a new meet and greet experience are true. When work is done, we expect to see a new Tangled meet and greet, complete with Rapunzel’s tower from the movie, open in Fantasyland later this year.

Stay tuned for more information on this story as it becomes available.

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  1. OMG! They are going to build Rapunzel's Tower?  HOW COOL!  Now, if only they could find a place for Princess Tiana too.  She is my favorite Disney Princess and I think she deserves her own Meet and Greet…or how about a Tiana's Palace restaurant?  

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