VIDEO: Laser Effects Return to DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom After 15 Years

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The DINOSAUR attraction at Animal Kingdom has been somewhat notorious for vanishing effects since it opened as Countdown to Extinction in April 1998. Some of the more fabled effects were laser-related and were located at the very beginning and end of the attraction. Well, for some reason, laser effects returned to the ride this week:

So, what do you think of the return of the laser effects at DINOSAUR?


    • MIke

      This is incorrect actually. The original lasers were physically removed. These are believed to be entirely new and different lasers. They're not quite the same but verdict is that it's a decent replacement. (And it's better than nothing!!!!)

  1. Truecoat

    Someone probably just realized they hadn't been turning them on for some reason. 15 years ago, Larry says don't turn on the lasers, maintenance needs to work on them. They put tape on the box, don't flip these switches. The tape finally fell off and now they are on again.

  2. Craig Yoho

    We went to AK today. Already no lasers and nearly no smoke at either the beginning or end. Disney notoriously just can't keep some things working. We were looking forward to something new to us, but ended up disappointed.

  3. Aww, man! Really? Why are lasers so hard to maintain? I was really looking forward to seeing any semblance of the original attraction that I don't remember from '98.

    Shoot, Captain EO's lasers worked fine for what, almost 20 years?

  4. Jim

    Now if only they'd fix the rest of the affects! Kind of annoying to see only lights shine on the pteradactyl and the cob-sob-nathus (sp) those things are actually suposed to move lol. Its a shame cause Countdown to extinction was my favorite ride in all of disney then they just let it go to waste

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