World of Color: Winter Dreams Show for the Holiday Season Officially Announced


Beginning November 15th, 2013 at Disney California Adventure is an entirely new version of World of Color called Winter Dreams. The show will feature characters from Bambi, Frozen, Fantasia and Toy Story among many others. Here is the video announcement from Imagineer Steve Davison:

The show will be hosted by Olaf the snowman, from the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures animated feature “Frozen”. The show will include new special effects and present some new methods for utilizing the massive “stage” of water, color and light on which “World of Color” is presented.



So what do you think of World of Color: Winter Dreams?


  1. Dusty

    This show looks very cool and I have faith in Steven Davidson to turn out another incredible show for the Paradise Bay Lagoon but what I am skeptical about is the use of characters from Frozen, much less as a "host" for this new show seeing as how they don't know how much of a success the film will be when released. This I think is going out on a limb a bit and quite a gamble whereas I would have thought that they would have picked a time tested character to host as a safer route.

  2. D Brown

    @0:26 "All that share the magic of winter?" … Seriously people? … "Winter Dreams?" … Could we try and be any more pathetically PC? It's the CHRISTMAS season folks. Learn to deal with it. Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, it's still called Christmas. It's decisions like this, which decide to cater to the demands of the few, that in return, completely turnoff the enjoyment of the majority. Truly a sad day in which we live. Epic fail Disney, epic fail.

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