VIDEO: New “Bamboo” Character Debuts at Animal Kingdom, AVATAR Testing?

If you like DeVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you might be interested to know about a new “living” plant character you can now see at the park…


The character is basically a stilt-walker covered with leaves. Rather than being a new permanent character at the park, we suspect this was a test for the AVATAR walk-around characters that will also be very tall. Disney was probably looking to see how guests would interact with a stilt-walking character. We could be wrong, but judge for yourself with our video:

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  1. Don

    To be honest this character doesn't look like anything except for a guy on stilts with sticks and lots of leaves on it. If this is a test for Avatar I guess we have a lot of laughing ahead of us for when the Na'vi eventually appear. I guys creating life Na'vi characters is unobtainable (pun intended). If Disney would build walk around audio animatronics and they stick around longer then the walking dinosaur and the Muppet lab it would be kind of cool.

  2. babygoboom

    I'm pretty certain that this character (or something VERY similar!!!) was there when we were on our honeymoon at WDW, back in Jan 2000. It was "working" right by a stall where we bought satay chicken. Anyone remember that?! We've been looking for this character ever since (and the chicken!) – but never found either…………..!!!! Am I right…? Or have I been time-travelling again…? Oops!

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