New Soda Flavors Coming, Some Old Favorites Leaving Club Cool at Epcot


Is there a certain soda at Club Cool that you absolutely love? Well, you may want to go and get one last taste (of what’s left) before new flavors appear next Wednesday October 30, 2013.  A couple of “favorites” will be sticking around though…here’s a look at the new line up:

Fanta Pineapple: With more than 90 distinct flavors available in more than 180 countries, Fanta made its European debut in the 1940’s and was introduced to the USA in 1960. Fanta Pineapple is caffeine-free and features a sweet pineapple taste.

VegitaBeta: Originally launched in Japan in 1992, VegitaBeta is a non-carbonated beverage with apricot and passion fruit flavors and is rich in beta-carotene that contributes to its unique orange color. (Currently Available)

Fanta (Melon Frosty): This is the number one soft drink of Thailand. With a fun melon flavor, this carbonated beverage is beloved in Thailand’s sunny, tropical climate.

Bibo: Originally created in 1998, Bibo is a fruit flavored line of juice drinks popular in South Africa. The brand features fun characters such as Johnny Orange, Taka Strawberry, and Paolo Peach.

Sparberry: A raspberry flavored cream soda, Sparberry launched in Africa in 1955. It is exclusively available in several countries in southeast Africa.

Guarana Kuat: This is a guarana berry flavored soft drink first launched in Brazil in 1997. The word guarana comes from the Guarani word guna, which translates to ‘fruit like the eyes of the people.”

Inca Kola: Known as “The Taste of Peru,” Inca Kola has an unusually sweet fruity flavor that many compare to the taste of liquid bubblegum, The name refers to the Quechua words for king and queen.

Beverly (Staying): With its bitter flavor, it is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif that is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture. (Currently Available)

These flavors are only available in the United States at Epcot and World of Coca-Cola attractions in Atlanta and Las Vegas. Club Cool will continue toe “Magical Moment” of recognizing the first tasting/testers of the day.

Going away from Club Cool will be Smart Watermelon, Kinley Lemon, Fanta Colita, Lift Apple, Mezzo Mix, and Krest Ginger Ale. Unfortunately, most of these are already out of stock and are not going to be replenished in time for you to say goodbye… THEY ARE GONE FOREVER.

So, what do you think? Did you lose a favorite drink (R.I.P. Smart Watermelon)? Excited that Beverly is staying?

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  1. Jeremy V

    Always a fan of unique and international sodas. I have been a fan of Inca Kola for a while and I can get it at my local grocery store (I have likened it to Big Red only yellow).

  2. Ric

    I noticed one of the flavors was out when I went last Monday, but didn't think too much of it since it wasn't a favorite and it was just the one. I will certainly miss Krest and Kinley most of all, but I'm excited to try Inca Kola and Sparberry.

  3. NichofTAIme

    Smart watermelon was my favorite as well. Although I hate Beverly, it's always fun to get first-time WDW visitors to try. HAHA!!!

  4. Lynn

    These should rotate often. If all flavors are licensed by Coca-Cola, it should be easy to change these with the seasons… Can't wait to try the new ones! Additionally, it would be nice to purchase bottles/cans/merch of these sodas.

  5. I liked the ginger. It settled my tummy when I ate too many things around the world. I'm glad the Beverly is staying. It provides entertainment value. The eww face never gets old.

  6. BacksideOfWater

    of course they keep Beverly. It's the most popular flavor if for nothing more than tricking people into drinking it and capturing the "Beverly face" on camera

  7. I'll miss Smart Watermelon (hopefully the Frosty Melon Fanta will suffice), but I've got mixed feeling about Beverly staying. It tastes like crap, but once you've been initiated, it is fun to see the reactions of the first-timers – kids, especially. I still think Disney is missing a marketing opportunity not selling the stuff on site. Granted, hauling six-packs around a theme park could get old very quickly, but it would still be a nice option for the locals.

  8. Barb

    The Krest Ginger Ale was my favorite. Sorry to see it go. It was the only one I drank. My husband, on the other hand, enjoys the Beverly and will be happy to hear it stayed. :(

  9. Brenna

    Omg but Beverly is the worst. And Fanta Pineapple you can absolutely purchase in the states, basically anywhere that sells Fanta. I have a bottle right now. That shouldn't be there, it's not foreign or interesting.

  10. BARBI Lucena

    when I've eaten to much around the world, I go get relief from drinking the Beverly. It's made with bitters and that is great for intagestion and an upset stomach.

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  12. Jeff

    The description of Inca Kola is not entirely correct. The Quechua term for "ruler" or "king" is "sapa inca" and the translation for "queen" would be "coya" or "colla". Just saying "Inca" does not necessarily refer to "king" and kola is really just a clever play on word with "cola" (as in coca-cola).

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  14. I live in Orlando and just discovered this over the past weekend, even though I am a passholder. Shows how often we actually go into that exhibit LOL. Anyway, we were VERY upset at gingerale being gone, and I will miss the watermelon (frosty melon isn’t quite the same), and NONE of the other flavors are interesting. There were many upset people there on Sunday!

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