VIDEO: “Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade” Has Emotional Farewell After 5 Years Running


Yesterday, the Magic Kingdom presented the final performance of the long-running “Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade” as they prepare to debut the new Festival of Fantasy Parade starting in March. While not one of the most beloved parades ever (as it was the 2nd overlay of a parade that debuted in 2001), the performers, guests who loved the parade, and many cast members who were both on-and-off duty had an emotional farewell as the procession pulled through the gates on Main Street for the last time yesterday afternoon. We were camped at the very end of the parade route to capture the historic moment in video for you. Our apologies as the video is a little shaky at times, but there was so much going on with many characters and performers saying goodbye to the parade. Regardless, we hope you enjoy:


  1. James Brassard

    Sad to see that parade go away.. but cant wait to see new one too.. I believe the 'Remember the Magic' parade is still my favorite one still…

  2. Lyz P

    Personally, I think it is bad show that they were crying on stage like that. Take it backstage, the guests dont need you crying on their vacation

    • Ali

      Personally, I wonder if you have ever cried when you "weren't supposed to". Also, Guests aren't getting bad service, they're witnessing the family and love that is Disney and its awesome, emotionally-honest Cast.

    • Ava

      "Staying in character and playing the part" means showing how the magic impacts you. We are one big Disney family – some are cast, some are guests, but we all love the same company and it isn't "bad show" to show the emotions that you feel. The parade is over, and that is sad. It had a long, amazing run and was part of a lot of memories for so many guests and cast. It's also a happy occasion because it's awesome that we are moving forward and getting a brand new parade that will create so many MORE magical memories for our guests and cast.

      I don't think any reasonable (key word) guest is going to look at a cast member shedding a tear and think "what a bad experience I am having". Unfortunately, some think our cast members are supposed to completely turn off being human when they clock in to work. Thankfully, most guests aren't that way :)

    • Ben

      Sorry, but you must not know much about the difference between "good show" and "bad show" if you define that as bad show. Either you've never been a cast member or you are a CM and just don't understand Disney magic like the rest of us.

    • Without trying to 'sit on the fence' here, I do kind of agree with Lyx P. but, you've got to feel for the CM's too.

      The work is hard, very professionally managed and delivering all of that magic each day is surely not a walk in the park.

      As I thought about how I feel about the parade ending in this video, I couldn't help think that many of these dedicated people are probably leaving Disney this week. Moving on etc, or plain simply out of work if suitable alternatives aren't available right away.

      I'm a little frustrated by Disney for a change to be honest.

      I know that the new larger floats of the Disney Festival of Fantasy parade will be awesome, but I can't help feel that they are really testing the good-will of lots of guests that arrive over the coming months, absolutely clueless that they have no parade to look forward to.

      On a lighter note, I wonder how many times the question is asked:

      "What time is the 3 o'clock parade?"

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