VIDEO: Lengthy On-Ride Video of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & New Attraction Details

Prepare yourself for on-ride footage and some new details about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coming to New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom:


Disney released video of most of an early run-through of the attraction side-by-side with video of the “pre-vis” of the ride which they use to guide construction of the attraction:

We learned several new details about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train today via the Disney Parks Blog, here’s what we now know:

  • All of the music in the queue area will be instrumental and is meant to sound as if the Seven Dwarfs are playing it. The song cut from the film titled “Music in Your Soup” is one of the songs that will be in that loop.
  • The interactive queue will include an area where guests “wash” the diamonds
  • The queue will also enter the Dwarfs’ vault. We see the door to the vault in the film, but never actually see inside.
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will feature FastPass+
  • The height requirement to ride will be 38″

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  1. Susan B. A.

    WOW this looks great! I do hope it is kind of longer though, and those board cutouts are not the show scenes for the ride are they? Sure hope not because if they are then that is cost cutting at their worse. That will ruin this whole ride if they do that.

  2. Logan

    I’m so excited for this ride, I can’t even visit Disney without peeking through the small windows in the wall.

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