Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid in New Fantasyland to Close in Early 2015 for Ride Enhancements

If you are visiting Walt Disney World in early 2015 for the first time since New Fantasyland opened only 2 years ago, we may have some pretty bad news for you…


The Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction will be closed February 2nd through March 6th, 2015 for an extensive refurbishment in which changes will be made to the attraction similar to those made at Disney California Adventure back in May.

Among the changes made to the California attraction were:

  • A number of static fish figures were added surrounding the first screen featuring Ariel and as well in the tunnel heading towards the Under the Sea sequence.
  • The Under the Sea sequence received the most major changes as it now relies heavily on black light like a traditional Disney dark ride (for example, Peter Pan’s Flight). This was done to make the scene darker and to hide the very visible lighting rigs that more frequent park visitors have complained about.
  • Several other scenes are now relying on black light as well, though it isn’t as noticeable as in Under the Sea. Again, this was to hide infrastructure visible to guests during the ride.

All of these changes and possibly more are expected to be made to the Walt Disney World counterpart.


You can see video of the changes made to the California version of the ride in our video:


  1. Carol Chevalier

    For such a big draw attraction it seemed at a lower imaginary standard than I would have expected. Unfortunately this has been a trend of late in many ways for Disney Parks.

  2. Stacz

    We were there 1 month ago and my 7 year old did not want to go on it then after she did she was hooked. It’s really pretty cute but the line for the Ariel photo op is confusing. Many people thought they were in the ride line when it was a long line for a picture w/ Ariel.

  3. Anon

    It’s amazing how much better the attraction is at Disneyland – the black lights really made a huge difference. I’m glad that they are doing this at WDW because it makes the ride that much better.

  4. Adamski

    Why did they never add Max to the ride? He was seen several times in the movie, they could have had him jumping up at the wall barking in the happy ever after scene with Eric and Ariel. It bugs me they just recycled the random dancing sea creatures, no doubt for speed and to keep costs down, but for a finale it would have been a nice touch to see Max.

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