PHOTOS, VIDEO: Take a Look at AVATAR Land Construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom From Above

We have a special treat for you today! Our own Nick LoCicero flew high over the construction site for Pandora: The Land of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom earlier today and he has some video and photos from his trip to share with us! First up, a video fly-over which will give you a really good look at the site and how big it is compared to the rest of the park:


The DINOSAUR show building is huge, but it appears to be about the same size as the structures rising in Pandora, albeit the AVATAR buildings will be much taller


You can clearly make out the theaters for the Banshee ride now, but it is unclear if the structure next door is related to that ride or the boat attraction



The site looks much more interesting than it did last time we checked in

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  2. Kevin

    Very cool, but how did you manage to get this? I thought WDW had a fairly permanent FAA TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in place limiting flights over the parks.

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  4. CJ

    Kevin – planes from MCO fly over WDW all the time depending on the weather and flight path – granted they are high up. Helicopters fly over all the time all day long over WDW as well. Your FAA information I bet is right, none of the helicopters I’ve seen travel too close to the ground, so having a great camera with a great zoom lens helps :-).

    We visit AKL at least every other week and seeing the structure pop up was exciting. Great from the sky shots.

  5. Stanton

    I believe that’s only true for the Magic Kingdom/TTC area/loop (and may extend over to EPCOT). That’s why you NEVER see/hear anything overhead in that area (I’ve seen helicopters elsewhere though).

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