BREAKING: The Muppets Are Coming to Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom in New Attraction

It has been a day of strange story, but this one doesn’t even see to be a rumor as testing is set to begin shortly…


The Muppets are apparently coming to Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. The rather lengthy facade refurbishment of the Heritage House seems to have been for this new attraction which will have The Muppets teaching and interacting with guests concerning U.S. history. The Muppets characters, which were reportedly built in a collaboration between the Muppet Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, will be appearing high above guests in the second story windows of Liberty Square.

We have no other info at this time, but as stated above, testing of the new attraction is imminent. Walt Disney World has not announced this attraction as of yet.

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  1. Kermit

    I’m ONLY fishy about the part with the Jim Henson company bring involved! Henson has NOTHING to do with the Muppets since 2004 when Disney bought them! Henson doesn’t even build the puppets anymore for Disney, a puppet company callef Puppet Heap does!

  2. JimV

    Boring. The humor is stale. Muppets flopped on primetime because it was so bad that no one wanted to see it. The mature themed show forced parents to hide their kids from viewing the massive disaster. Muppets deserved to go away. It is no better than Avenue Q.

  3. I wish Disney would stop messing around with it’s “bought” properties. The only place Marvel, Star Wars, and Muppets belong is Hollywood Studios. Keep them out of the Magic Kingdom!!! That should be reserved for Disney created characters.

  4. Benjamin David Englesmith

    It doesn’t really make sense that they’d have Muppet attractions in two different parks…

    • Redo Epcot

      They have Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Lion King attractions/ shows in 2 parks, I see no problem with this.

    • Jojo

      But there are Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, and Frozen attractions in two different parks. Why not Muppets?

  5. Charlie

    Well that would explain the Disney website taking applications for puppet cast members I saw this past week.

    • I really would love to know if Trump would allow them to make a figure, or if he’d try and charge millions in licensing fees. And if a completed figure would be pelted during shows.

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