Disney “Drops” Plans for Tower of Terror Themed Bar at Hollywood Studios

A few weeks ago, we told you about plans moving forward to add a Tower of Terror themed bar at the exit of the Hollywood Studios attraction sometime this summer. The desk had been cleared out, the CDS location had moved, and then suddenly thing stopped happening at the little desk situated between the photo desk and the Hollywood Tower Gifts shop. Well, it appears Disney pulled the plug on the project not too long ago.


Why cancel the addition of the bar? There was certainly a lot of good publicity for the project spurred by our article, in fact, it may be the first time I can ever recall posting a rumor to almost completely positive response by our readers. Well, it seems the merchandising team at the park wasn’t keen on a bar in the middle of their very profitable retail outfit at the exit of one of Walt Disney World’s most popular attractions.

In fact, this isn’t event the first time this happened recently. Food and Beverage was determined to have a location inside Star Wars Launch Bay, in fact, it’s mentioned in the original press release for the attraction, but when Launch Bay actually opened, all guests found was an abandoned false Cantina set footsteps away from a rather large Star Wars shop.


It came ever so close to happening…

So (for now), any hope of a bar at the Tower of Terror is dead, but, if I know the food and beverage department well enough, I’m sure they are looking at other nearby venues at the Tower of Terror to play host to this new bar concept.

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  1. Steve

    This is a bummer, for sure. Also, I thought that kind of half-assed Cantina in Launch Bay was weird. It would have made more sense to have some snacks and drinks in there.

  2. Jon

    I can see why this didn’t happen. Risk of drinks being spilt on merchandise is too high. The space isn’t right for a sit down bar with glassware so too many drinks to go in the wrong location.

  3. Jodi

    I would vote for a drink stand outside the exit where the coffee stand is now. That space was too small and too much traffic.

  4. Kylo Ken

    The area where they wanted this was never a good idea. It was a cool concept and idea but didn’t really see how this would work well. I don’t understand people who seem to think there is already too much alcohol at WDW though….

  5. Gill

    I highly doubt this even was an actual thing they were thinking of doing. More of a rumor. The logistics of adding a food/beverage service in there would be a terror unto itself.

    • Andrew

      It was a thing. My cousin works there and confirmed it after reading the original article and once I saw this she said they have backed off for now.

  6. Gabe

    We were there over the weekend and saw nothing that indicated this was moving forward. Good to have “confirmation”. I think it would be a neat idea.

  7. Kylo Ken

    Why are so many people complaining about alcohol and drunks at Disney? I go fairly frequently and I’ve never encountered an out of control drunk at any of the theme parks. Disney Springs, that may be a different story.

    • Richel!

      Haha I was never complaining, but I totally saw some guy barfing in a trashcan in Epcot November 2012. Straight up frat boy style. It was glorious and made me want to go back to the Food and Wine Festival. I’m not saying that is for everyone, but complaining about alcohol, come on it’s uncalled for. Prudes I tell ya!

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