RUMOR: Is Vekoma Constructing A Revolutionary Flying Roller Coaster for Epcot’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Ride?

The plot is thickening for the rumored Epcot “Guardians of the Galaxy” attraction. Long time Disney roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma is now building a test track that may be the earliest version of a new coaster ride system that would replace the Universe of Energy.

A Guardians of the Galaxy themed roller coaster ride is rumored to replace Epcot's Universe of Energy.

A Guardians of the Galaxy themed roller coaster ride is rumored to replace Epcot’s Universe of Energy.

Vekoma has in many ways been the coaster manufacturer of choice for the Walt Disney Company over the last 25 years, producing the ride systems for The Barnstormer, Big Grizzly Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, and many more.

Photos from a Vekoma fan show a Vekoma test site with a strange coaster test track being erected. The following photos were posted by user MrRC:









But why do we think this could be related to the Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy ride? An interesting Disney patent form a few years back looks like it may tie-in to this very design, featuring a unique load system and track for a suspended, “flying” roller coaster:


A ride system for giving passengers a flying roller coaster experience. The ride system includes a train of vehicles, with each of the vehicles including seat assemblies that each has a seat and seat back for receiving a passenger. The vehicles are supported by the track to roll along a length of the track, and the ride path is adapted for gravity-based movement of the train of vehicles in at least portions of the ride path. The track includes a vertical segment, and the ride system includes a station including a platform assembly with horizontal platforms vertically spaced-apart to provide multi-level loading. The train is positioned on the vertical segment with each of the vehicles proximate to an end of one of the horizontal platforms. The seat backs are substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the track to provide vertical loading and, then, vertical launching from the station.

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Does this patent and the Vekoma test track mean anything? That is the real question. Disney seems like a likely customer for an experimental ride system like this, especially considering Vekoma and Disney worked together on building a whole-new sort of vehicle for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train together.

The track in the patent and what is being built at the Vekoma test site are eerily similar. The Disney patent is for a sideways loading roller coaster and Vekoma is building what looks to be a sideways loading flying coaster track. It is an awfully big coincidence if not related.


  1. Charles

    It feels like a ride of this size would require more room than what’s provided in the Universe of Energy footprint. I wonder if the plan to discontinue Innoventions nearby is related … meaning maybe part of the Innoventions building (or even Wonders of Life, although they just refurbished that space to be more convention friendly, so I doubt it) will be demolished or repurposed to make for more space.

  2. Mike Pinault

    I didn’t like that’s hanging upside down on the ride but it’s cool. I like that guardians of the galaxy coaster will be called galaxy express.

  3. I call BS on this and think it’s for something else probably for the stupid marvel land in Six Flag over California Adventure park If the rumors about the Guardians o the whatever are true about being in the next avengers film then Disney can’t put anything to do with them in the WDW parks. I relly hope it is as I don’t want to see EPCOT my favorite Disney park ruined by this stupid franchise that only the Marvel fanboys care about. Alos don’t forget the announcement for the Tower thing in DCA went over like a ton of bricks in Hall H. If Disney announced this at the next D23 thing they better do it in a room with no furniture as I really don’t think parks fans will like it.

  4. SteveK

    Looks like it will also be similar to ‘ Superman ‘ at Six Flags Great Adventure In Jackson New Jersey.
    Which if it is indeed similar. That is an AWESOME ride

  5. Yolanda

    I’d like it if this were true! I’d LOVE it if they bulit it a new land, maybe Switzerland, in one of the spaces between Germany and Africa. I’d rather a “plus” than an “instead of” mentality that seems pervasive at Florida’s Disney parks. Universe Energy and unused pavilion (except at food and wine) can then be updated. There’s already dead space with Body Wars.

  6. WWWD (What would Walt Do?)

    More fabricated BS. Also Disney needs to wake the f*ck up and get EPCOT back in the 80s where it belongs. If people complain that they don’t want to learn while on vacation, that is their problem and the reason why this country is a laughingstock in education compared to the rest of the world.

    • Patey

      Agree completely that USA is embarrassingly stupid statistically and compared to other developed nations. In 80s Disney/Eisner cared about parks. Now constructive criticism seen as whining. And toe horses of poorly dressed fat people in long lines for less and less quality is stunning.

  7. Derek

    Disney wind likely do this unless sponsored completely. They have spent a dime except in stores and ads that our family can tell in a decade. We like the Disney movies but their USA parks are wasted space.

  8. im glad they are changing the universe of energy. been on it lots of times and its too slow. the dinosaurs were good but after that it gets really boring. Epcot is educational by showing people what is possible in the future. if the rides do not change, it becomes outdated.

  9. Alexandria

    What about the upcoming coaster in Animal Kingdom? Could this not possibly be related to that? Especially since the patent is from a few years back, around when development for the avatar/pandora land started.

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