BREAKING: Toy Story Land Announced for Shanghai Disneyland


Toy Story Land is coming to Shanghai Disneyland! Bob Iger, chairman and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, along with Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Fan Xiping, chairman of Shanghai Shendi Group, recently celebrated breaking ground on this new expansion, which will open in 2018.

The expansion started even before opening Shanghai Disneyland in anticipation of the park’s needs. The characters from Toy Story have been well liked in China ever since the release of the first film in the franchise back in 1995, and Shanghai Disney Resort already has the only resort hotel in the world dedicated to the characters and stories from Toy Story.

As you can tell from the logo, Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland will be both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. Everyone’s favorite toys from one of the most popular franchises ever will come to life and play in a fully immersive land with three attractions and a themed character greeting area. It is unclear what the 3 attractions will e and if they will be unique to this version, or simply copied from the existing lands or the upcoming Hollywood Studios project.


  1. Don

    I don’t think Bob Iger has a damn clue where Disney World is even located in the USA. The parks here are all Disney run though, and China is putting Disney’s testicles in a vice to deliver, and China has more control over it that Disney, but WDW in Florida and California need some love Bob!!! And lots of it.

    • Did you miss all the construction walls?

      Yeah I completely agree, other than an entire new land and night time time show at Animal Kingdom, a rumored Guardians of the Galaxy ride at EPCOT, Star Wars and toy story land at studios, and a new castle show projection show and potentially Paint the night at Magic Kingdom, WDW is absolutely sitting vacant!

      • Don

        Your stupid reply lost me at “rumored ride at EPCOT”. Disney hasn’t added a god damned thing in Florida without removing 1 or even 2 experiences. And everything they add, is centered solely around instant profit, Asia is telling Disney how it will be done, they are in the driver seat, and excuses of cut backs here to fund there at the same time. Read back from Tom’s post just in the last month on all the closures in Florida of parades, shows, etc. They pack every feature and restaurant with a table in every extra inch, and cut menus and staff. Stop being such a tool. It’s fine to love Disney, as I do, but be for real. The parks here are being run poorly and have been since Iger stepped in office.

        • Disney Pete

          You’re an expert on stupid replies. Stop saying that “China is putting Disneys testicles in a vice [sic]”, because that’s just not true.

        • Ismael Flores

          It’s unbelievable how people fell into the trap of “cutbacks”. Because of Shanghai.

          The cutbacks were not done because of Shanghai some of the cutbacks were done to help balance off the books because of cord cutting in ESPN and advertising.

          Wall Street has been critical of Disney because of cordcutting and ESPN but they have been executed that the rest of the company has been doing well including the studio division and theme parks divisions.

          They had been showing gains even while large capital investments were being used for all resort expansions and expensive in Oaris for the huge upkeep.

          If Disney hadn’t made some cutbacks that were mostly unseen by guests then the parks and resort division would have added to wallstreet criticism

    • Ismael Flores

      What about all the investment in the expansion of fantasyland, the addition of Avatar and the already in construction toy story land and Star Wars. All in Walt Disney World.

      Meanwhile at Disneyland resort the huge Star Wars expansion, the expansion of parking structures and the soon to be announced huge Marvel addition.

      It amazes me how people always complain and want more and more.

      All the additions being done in domestic parks are 100 percent paid by Disney. The ones done in China, Shanghai or spilt up accordingly to percentage of company owned since the Chinese own majority share they have control but they also invest.

  2. Bob who?

    Yea, Bob Iger hasn’t visited our wonderful Florida parks in a long time. Bob Chapek seldom shows up. Everything we get, involves a closure of something else and very extended build times to keep guests anticipating what will come, as they’re packed in smaller spaces of construction walls. Shanghai everything is +1, but it’s not Disney controlled, only contracted. We should be so lucky.

  3. TiredoftheNegativity

    It’s a business, y’all. An international company. Of course they’re going to grow what is potentially their biggest future market. And don’t forget, WDW is fully Disney owned and operated; the Shangai development is a financial partnership, with bucketloads more cash available from multiple sources. Enough with whining about Shanghai already.

    • Juan

      We can only hope the sources running the Asian parks would buy out Disney’s USA parks, or at least run them. Disney is terrible in theme parks, ok in movies. Their stock sucking wind. Their complaints off the chart. Their offerings cut too much except for those not smart, rich or brave enough to travel crowd. Hate to say it as a WDW fan, it’s not a good value or so safe anymore.

    • ...hey tired of negativity....

      Poke your damn eyes out if you do t like reading the truth, or people being honestly critical. Disney should be embarrassed how much their USA parks have declined under their mismanagement.

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