PHOTO: Disney Redesigns MagicBand Packaging to Answer Environmental Concerns

As it turns out, those big cardboard boxes you get in the mail carrying your Walt Disney World MagicBands were bad for environment… Who would have guessed? Anyway, it seems enough people complained to the point where Disney has completely redesigned the boxes and made them out of recyclable materials.


The new boxes also probably save Disney money, but that is purely speculation on our part. Guest should be receiving the new boxes starting immediately if they ordered or are having MagicBands shipped to them for their upcoming vacation.

The old style boxes looked like this and were double boxed, rather than the box for the bands itself doubling as the shipping container:


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  1. Coming from the UK, our magic bands aren’t shipped to us so we collect them at check in, and my last couple trips (at least back to September 2015) I have simply received the central grey holder part of the new box with the magic bands on it. So it seems as though this has been a while in the making!

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  3. I used those boxes to help me organize drawers. Mainly to keep my five-year-old daughter’s small clothing pieces in order in a big drawer. But I am sure most people got rid of them. But like a previous commenter before mentioned. It was probably more economic to change the packaging.

  4. I was actually able to turn my old ones in for recycling, just had to break down the boxes first (like with any boxes/cardboard or book cover-type materials). But I kept one (the bottom portion that says “Incredibles” on the front) as a catch-all tray on a top shelf in one of my closets, mostly for luggage tags.

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