Disney Releasing Album for Rivers of Light & Tree of Life Awakenings

While we we still do not know when Rivers of Light will finally debut at Animal Kingdom, when it does, Disney is planning to release a new album featuring music from the much-maligned show, as well as the beloved Tree of Life Awakenings nightly projection shows.


The album should be released at Walt Disney World in early-2017.


  1. rebeccamck

    Thought they had announced Summer 2017 as Rivers of Light show opening? Of course, that could wait until the end of summer, just before fall starts in September. I know Avatar/Pandora was announced for that timeframe, too.

    • Anonomouse

      I would think this would have more to do with the Disney Records side of things. It’s up to them to release it or not, do I wouldn’t go blaming the parks side of things.

      • DJ

        It’s the park management Anonymous and fully to blame. TERRIBLE. They are directed though by higher ups to increase daily profits. NO attention given to guest experience of quality of product. They are about as bad as a company can be run, especially one built on guests’s enjoying themselves.

  2. larry

    Very lame to try and sell products for something your own company was too cheap to get out for guests to enjoy. Can’t get more dumb than WDW parks division. Seriously dumb moves.

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