Heartwarming Photo of Carrie Fisher And Mark Hamill On The set Of “Star Wars: Episode VIII”

Oscar Issac posted a photo on his Facebook page of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill taking some time out from filming on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VIII”. Hamill and Fisher became very close friends while filming the Star Wars Original Trilogy and I am sure it must be very difficult for Mark Hamill, Oscar Issac and those that worked closely with her.

Here is what Oscar Issac had to say:

Source: Oscar Issac; MakingStarWars.Net


  1. Dead Celebrities

    She was just a person, just like the rest of us. I’m tired of celebrities being glorified after their death. In the end, we are all just flesh and bone. How about those dying to protect our freedom? Let’s show them some attention.

    • Anonomouse

      Ahh nothing like the old right wing nut job military cliche. You must be one of those people that sit at home and hate the world for trying to enjoy themselves rather than stockpile weapons for the upcoming Armageddon. Carrie Fisher has did so much to bring bipolar disorder to the forefront. In fact, since you’re so military first, you’d be interested to know that Bipolar disorder is very common within soldiers but is typically misdiagnosed as being PTSD which are treated in completely different ways. According to the publication U.S. Medicine, over 60% of soldiers with bipolar disorder haven’t been appropriately diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Carrie Fisher was open and honest about her mental illness and that helped a lot of people because it normalized what many people try to treat as being “messed up”. So you’re right, she was just a person, a person that many people were able to relate to when they thought that there was something wrong with them. Your single mindedness makes me very sad because it means you must be a very sad and messed up individual to think that there is only one type of hero. A hero is anyone that inspires, that does good in this world, and no matter what you think, they deserve just as much praise that you think is only deserving of one type of person.

      • Get Over Yourself

        Get off your soapbox. You are the cliche. You attack someone for having a different opinion than you. Why would you say such awful things about someone because their opinion is not that of your own?

  2. rebeccamck

    She was my Star Wars favorite…plus I loved her humor and her involvement in various movie scripts over the years (plus some Oscar presentation speeches for others). I was standing in line a week ago to sit down for the glorious Candlelight Processional at Epcot and I heard someone behind me mention Carrie Fisher had a bad heart attack on an airplane. Couldn’t believe it – I then monitored what was happening throughout the rest of our WDW trip (just whenever I had a moment with my phone), through this site and others (mostly her IMdb page). I thought she might survive in the end but be seriously impaired….and then I read the news of her passing as our flight home landed on Tuesday. And now her mom is gone, too. My heart goes out to Carrie and Debbie’s family and all the friends and colleagues mourning their loss.

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