PHOTOS: Awesome New Darth Vader TIE Fighter Bubble Gun at Disney Parks

In celebration of the release of Rogue One in theaters today, Disney Parks have started to sell a brand new bubble blower shaped like Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter!

The bubble blower sells for $20 and is currently on sale at outdoor carts around Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. Huh

    Not neat. Those bubble blowers they sell are annoying af for everyone in the parks. Wish they’d stop selling those stupid things.

    • Huh has no friends.

      Wow, you sound like an insufferable douche bag. God forbid a kid is having some fun with harmless bubbles that affect you in no way whatsoever, this middle aged loser doesnt want them! Please stay home and complain on the internet, most people don’t need jerks like yourself ruining the parks.

  2. Christine Lake

    That’s another Disney lie. They had very few to sell and were left from last year. They made a lot of children very unhappy. Shame on them…again.

    • Christine Lame

      Then why do you go?? It’s called supply and demand. I’m sure you don’t understand these things, but being whiny and yelling “shame” at a corporation because your precious snowflake child didn’t get a bubble blower is straight up stupid. Stay home, the parks need less whiny, entitled douche bags.

      • Christine LAKE

        I don’t whine about Disney. I have a time share there which you probably do not and I go about 14 days a year. They take things and exaggerate all the time which if you went enough you probably know .I am not a douche bag. My son did the college students stint there as an engineer on space mountain. I am however a retired kindergarten teacher with grand children and I don’t like your juvenile attitude. Disney lies a lot. As do most big corporations who want to make themselves look good. Spend as much money there as I have and then call me names. In the meantime grow up. By the way my name is Christine also. You don’t do justice to it.

  3. Christine Lake

    Re above. Just realized you insulted me again. You didn’t even leave your real name. Are you gay. They are the only ones who love to use that term so much. I understand fully now.

  4. Rob

    Here’s a non-nasty comment…We bought one of these at Disneyland two days ago. It lasted one day. Then the part that swivels to spread the bubbles across the fan opening stopped swiveling. I took the whole damn thing apart, every single piece in order to get to and fix that part. But now I can’t get it to pull the liquid up the straw, which was working before I took it apart. My 3yo is very disappointed because we told him he could pick one big souvenir and it lasted one day. Everything seems to be working, even the pump motor. No kinks, no clogs, waited plenty of time, I don’t get it. I’d even buy another if I could find one for another $20. Sigh. But at your own risk.

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