PHOTOS: Orange Bird Dress, AVATAR Pins, & Epcot 35th Items Coming in 2017

Disney today is previewing a number of items that will be released at the parks in 2017.

A little Orange Bird dress with the pattern above will be released soon.

Frontierlamd will be the next Disney Parks exclusive Tsum Tsum series, featuring some of the Country Bears and the Goat from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

In addition to the exclusive preview we gave you of some Epcot 35th Anniversary merchandise a few weeks ago, Disney is now previewing the mug and the license plate which will be available.

Two tea sets based on Pirates of the Caribbean and Cinderella Castle are coming to Disney Parks in 2017.

There is also a series of limited edition Pandora: The World of AVATAR pins based on the construction walls located outside of the area currently.

Further previews of these and other items can be found here.

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  1. Anonomouse

    Oh thank goodness, construction wall art is finally getting pins. Not sure if that’s a positive for the art or a negative for being the only Avatar related thing they can sell.

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