1. Jeff

    You can tell Bob Iger has 4am workout sessions every day, and probably has a great nutritionist. He is 65 and looks like he’s in his 30’s!

  2. Disney6166

    Every time Disney says it the best and greatest of everything, it means it won’t work for the first three months, breakdown every day for hours, and then reopen a year later.

  3. Anonomouse

    You know I’ve been skeptical from the start of this, but honestly I kinda think this isn’t going to completely suck. I think the rides will be ok, but nothing too awe inspiring. Obviously based on this segment and everything else that’s been talked about, it’s going to be beautiful at night. What I will really reserve judgment for though is what it’s like during the day. Are there going to be aspects of it that make it just as special during the day as it does at night? I think if they don’t and it’s all banking on the night atmosphere, then they picked the wrong property to bring to life because then it won’t feel lived in the way that a good theme park land feels. Well unless it’s somewhere that’s only lived in at night and everyone disappears during the day.

    • Jeff

      What is wrong with 2 rides being in the area? How many rides themed to one franchise in one area do you want? IMO that is the perfect amount of rides for this area. I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week, just look at Toy Story Land at Disneyland Paris, I rode probably 5 rides in that area and don’t remember anything about any of them!

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