VIDEO: The Story of Walt Disney World’s Never-Constructed Disney Mountain

A few days ago, we here at WDWNT set a lofty goal to raise for the Toys for Tots charity with the promise that we would divulge all of the details of a Walt Disney World project that had never seen the light of day if and when we arrived at our desired sum. Well, we did in fact raise over $7000.00 for the Toys for Tots Foundation this year, and so we informed the world of a little something called Disney Mountain.


This project intended for the Walt Disney World Resort in the early-1990’s was the first plan for the use of the space between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This massive, man-made structure would eventually become Pleasure Island, Typhoon Lagoon, a multitude of Disney Resort hotels, and other pieces of the  Disney Parks that we know and love today. What exactly was it? Well, you can watch the video below to find out as the WDW News Today Podcast crew reviews the plans in our trademark Back to the Future segment. It is a long and exhaustive look at a fascinating project that may have been the last attempt at bringing some of Walt’s EPCOT to life.

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  1. Mike

    The future development area never came to. The conservation area is actually celebration. There is nothing in that sw corner of I4/192. Celebration is in the se corner of I4/192 and 417 runs south of it.

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