VIDEO: Disneyland’s Extinct Attractions Come Back to Life for Incredible New Electrical Parade Ad

We have seen some amazing Disney Parks ads through the years, but this is without a doubt the absolute best if you are fan of Disneyland’s rich history:

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this woman passes pieces of just about every iconic, extinct attraction in the park’s 60 year history in roughly 20 seconds as she return the final light to illuminate Elliot in the Main Street Electrical Parade. Here’s what I spotted…

  • Skyway
  • Star Jets
  • The original Disneyland sign
  • Original Autopia car
  • Peoplemover vehicle
  • Sea Serpent – Submarine Voyage
  • The Mighty Microscope – Adventure Through Inner Space
  • America on Parade costumes
  • Skull Rock
  • Harold – the Matterhorn
  • Sam Eagle – America Sings
  • Captain RX-24 – Star Tours
  • A plethora of attraction posters (Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Mad Tea Party, Mickey Mouse Club Theater, Country Bear Jamboree, Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn, Tom Sawyer Island, Swiss Family Treehouse, Enchanted Tiki Room, and Submarine Voyage)
  • The Nautilus – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea walkthrough
  • Big Thunder Ranch sign
  • Original princess character costumes
  • A Flying Saucer

There are also random items from current attractions scattered around. Did I miss any? Can you find even more?

Regardless, the time and effort that went into this ad is astonishing and I would LOVE to see a behind the scenes feature on the making of it. Playing on nostalgia is smart, and this has got to be the most nostalgia-heavy Disney ad I have ever seen. I think I may even be excited for the return of the Electrical Parade now…

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  1. pat

    I saw what looks like a possible hidden mickey in the gears of the warehouse door and the flying saucers attraction passing by during the shot of the princess’ dresses.

  2. Miles

    Brought me to tears when I watched it.

    I remember most of those as a child aged 7 in 1974 then age 9 in 1976. Saw the bicentennial parades, the original Main Street Electrical Parade. Disneyland at its most glorious time when the Skyway, People Mover, original grey Submarine Voyage subs, original Autopia cars and bubble top monorail cars going on all at once. Skull rock with the pirate ship, Rocket Jets atop the platform that put like a hundred feet in the air. Still vividly remember the eye ball looking at you when the atom mobile turned around.

    It was Disneyland’s most fabulous and most magical period EVER!!! Disneyland is good now but back in the 70’s it was spectacular.

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