VIDEO: Listen To “Beauty And The Beast” Performed By Ariana Grande And John Legend

Disney Music Vevo has released the recording of Ariana Grande and John Legend performing the classic Disney song, “Beauty And The Beast”. Just a heads up, this is an audio only video. No new scenes or live performances by Grande and Legend.

Not bad. It’s not the Celine Dion and Pebo Bryson version but both Grande and Legend do a good job.

Source: DisneyMusicVevo


  1. Awesome Amy

    So begrugingly… I have to say this is not as bad as I was expecting. I despise both Ariana and John. Even worse for me to say, I think Ariana is the better of the two… She’s “pop”py, but not too “pop”py. Her harmony game is pretty strong. Maybe a bit breathy/sexy for me, but that’s who she is… Poor John can’t hit the notes with the strength he needs – he goes into his head voice, which is very weak and breathy.
    I think I’ll stick with Angela Lansbury, though!

    • Joe Hogarty

      I agree with you Amy. Much better than I was expecting.

      Ariana sounds like she is trying to be Mariah Carey and John does good, but not great.

      I would have rather had Celine and Pebo come back and do an updated version of the song. But I am sure they chose Ariana for the younger generation.

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