4 Different ABC Shows to Preview Pandora: World of AVATAR on March 9th

Disney is giving TV viewers a chance to get a major sneak peek at Pandora the Wold of AVATAR tomorrow, March 9th, 2017. 4 different ABC shows will be getting in on the fun: Good Morning America, The View, The Chew, and then Nightline. Below is an official schedule of when to watch, and what to expect on these previews.

Good Morning America- 7 AM Eastern, they GMA team will explore a look into the main attraction of the land; Avatar: Flight of Passage.

The View- 11 AM Eastern, Whoopi Goldberg will be exploring the land with director James Cameron, as well as go into details of the other attraction, Navi River Journey.

The Chew- 1 PM Eastern, The cast of the Chew will be exploring the unique food of the new land including the Lumpia snack found at Pongu Pongu.

Nightline- 12 AM, Eastern, The cast of Nightline will explore the land in whole, and most likely explore the land at night.

Pandora: The World of AVATAR will open officially to the public on May 27th, 2017.


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  1. Progressive Music Lover

    Oh God…..it’s that repellant creature Whoopi Goldberg. My partner attempted to get her autograph during his trip to New York City and she was incredibley rude and nasty towards him.

  2. o

    It’s strange to me that they would push a media bliz so hard 2 months before the land opens. Something’s got to be up with that.

    • MHP

      You mean like the fact that most people would probably plan their trip a few months ahead? Yeah, that’s so fishy, something must be amiss!! SMH.

    • Anonomouse

      I think it’s stranger that their media blitz seems to be targeting housewives and retirees by showing everything on morning shows and Nightline. You’d think they’d have Jimmy Kimmel come out to do shows or shoehorn it into a sitcom like in the 90’s.

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