PHOTOS, VIDEO: Latest Behind the Scenes Look Provides First Glimpse at Flight of Passage Queue, Pandora – The World of AVATAR

Disney is providing another behind the scenes look at the creation of Pandora: The World of AVATAR today. This time, they focus on “placemaking”:

In the video, Disney shared a quick glimpse at concept art for the queue of Flight of Passage, where guests will ride on a Banshee:

They also shared looks at some other interesting details throughout the land:

Pandora: The World of AVATAR opens May 27th, 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


    • Chris P. Bacon

      Pandora has been through an interesting journey. On announcement, most people wrote it off as a strange and weak response to Harry Potter. As the construction seemed to be endless, it became a running joke. But I can’t help but wonder if the scale is already tipping the other way… and possibly too far the other way. It’s almost as if they would have been better off minimizing this marketing campaign, since the end product would probably have been universally accepted as amazing, as people were still leery of the idea as a whole. With the recent spoon feeding of photos/videos of the finished product, excitement is legitimately building, and I have this strange feeling that no matter how cool it is, it may not live up the to hype. To that point, I somewhat hope they don’t do a single soft soft opening until everything is ready to run at full operation. The Disney bloggers will have a field day if Pandora opens with significant issues.

      That being said, I hope and believe I’ll be wrong. It certainly appears they have done it right, and at a minimum, it seems like this will quickly become the place to be on Disney property at night.

      • I actually think the theming looks really nice. I just think what Chris laid out above could end up having the adverse effect he spoke of. Seems very reminiscent of the Fantasyland expansion. The original plans were widely met with yawns, but after they improved on those and we got closer to it actually opening, expectations were through the roof. So the end product wasn’t as exciting as the hype surrounding it, although no one can credibly deny that it wasn’t well done.

        But, the big difference is that Fatasyland was already loved, and the additions they added came from classic Disney movies. Whereas in this case this entire land is based on a movie that most people are rather lukewarm on.

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