VIDEO: A Look at the Projection Mapping for Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom’s New Nighttime Spectacle

Disney recently gave us another inside look at the process of creating Happily Ever After, the new nighttime spectacular coming to Magic Kingdom May 12th. In this video, they talk about how the show will use cutting-edge technology involving the state-of the art projection mapping. Projections are just one of the many methods of storytelling being used, in addition to new hand-drawn animation, an original score and the latest in lasers and pyrotechnics. Here is that video below from the Disney Parks Blog:

Happily Ever After will be debuting May 12th at Magic Kingdom.

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  1. Michael DiPasquale

    ‘That Projection Mapping is out of this World! The video met all my expectations.! This Show will probably blow everyone’s mind. Already from just a few second clip, the Show is better than Wishes

  2. Michael DiPasquale

    Although, Wishes was my favorite firework show. The collaboration really brings the Show to life! Can’t wait to see the whole Show! Already, it has the best projections! Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration has the 2nd best Projections! The Projections look so real! In that section where the Castle looks like it’s moving, you forget it really isn’t! Only 25 days! Yay!

  3. Michael DiPasquale

    I heard Once Upon a Time has been much improved Projectionwise! There has been no YouTube video of it since February. Can’t wait to see the improved version! Although, it was already really good!

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