VIDEO: Watch As Thor Battles The Hulk In The First Teaser Trailer For “Thor: Raganarok”

Looks like Thor is having a really bad day and things are about to get worse as he has to face his fellow Avenger in a fight to the death. Check out this first teaser for “Thor: Raganarok!

“Thor: Ragnarok” opens November 3rd.

Source: Marvel Entertainment


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    • Joe Hogarty

      Actually we are getting a Planet Hulk movie. Well a bit of one. I’m OK with this because this is very similar to the comics in which Hulk is stranded on a gladiator like planet and he is hunted down and forced to fight in the arena. Many different alien races brought together to fight in an arena. Think originally Thor’s role was by Silver Surfer and in the animated version it was Beta Ray Bill, who is Thor with a horse’s head.

      • Disney Pete

        I wasn’t talking about the plot but about the look & feel of the movie. The trailer looker more like a GoTG trailer than a Thor one.

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