Figment, Dreamfinder & More Celebrate Love at the Pin Celebration Coming to Epcot

Th annual Pin Celebration will return in 2017 from August 25-26th. This years’ theme is ‘Love is an Adventure’.

There are some very unique and specially designed pins for this year, including ones themed to the Dreamfinder with Figment and Jessica Rabbit with Roger Rabbit.

Featured below are some pins that feature some timeless classic Disney Characters. We also have some pins that might make you cry; the story of Carl and Ellie from Up.

The pins below are part of a mystery pin collection which there are a total of 16 pins in this set, and each box contains two randomly selected pins. In addition to the eight pins shown below, the set will also contain eight limited edition chaser pins each with an edition size of 250.

Next up we have the ‘Love is Vain’ set which features six 3D sculpted pins inspired by Disney Villains.

This Pin Celebration event is a separate ticketed event inside of Epcot. You can only purchase these pins at the event, nowhere else.

In addition to perusing through the pins created for this event, guests will participate in trading activities, meet Disney artists and merchandisers, and have opportunities to take photos with world famous Disney characters.

For more details on how to register for this event, please visit

Please note space is limited.



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