PHOTO: First Look at New Colored Parking Trams Arriving at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Quite a few months ago, Walt Disney World finally announced that they had purchased new parking trams to transport guests in their theme park parking lots. We of course had spotted the trams long before this, just sitting around in the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot long before this, but where awaiting the debut of the much-needed replacement vehicles. Now, Walt Disney World is finally getting around to painting these new trams with the color-coding system (somewhat similar to the monorail) that they promised…

Photo courtesy of bri_guy81 on Instagram

Photo courtesy of bri_guy81 on Instagram

The tram was spotted today at the TTC in all of its vintage stylings. While the color seems like a bit much, it is nice to see the older logos and typefaces in use.

There is still no word on when these will debut and what the other colors will be, but we will let you know as we (and fellow readers, like this one) spot more of them around.

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  1. Ken

    While I have nothing against the new trams, I personally prefer the red lettering over the purple for Disney transportation especially the buses. It just seems more whimsical and Disney like. As far as the color being a “bit much” as you said, if you are referring to the word Green printed on the side, it may be there for the color blind guests.

  2. The Hitchhiking Ghost

    To each their own. I’ve always liked the red on purple livery on the trams and busses although unfortunately they are phasing both out. I thought it was cool how the colors of the transportation vehicles matched all the road signage throughout the resort (I hope they never change the signs but that’s probably inevitable eventually.)
    Plus, the red on purple is what I grew up with, so there’s the sentimental part of me that doesn’t like seeing the change.

  3. Chris

    I work in MK parking and I can honestly say it will be a very long time before these new trams go into place. Not even out coordinators have been trained on them yet. The only reason it is parked there is so Tram Maintenance can test drive it in our tram lane. Hence why the rest of the tram is filled with sand bags.

  4. Ess KC

    I appreciate the nostalgia that someone holds for any particular design motif, despite efforts at timelessness it is rarely achievable. As such I think for a lot of folks the purple and red stuff looks tired and is why the “retro” look is slowly being reintroduced. But fear not…since this stuff is cyclical we will no doubt be cheering when in about 25-30 years we start to see a resurgence of the red and purple post modern design elements again!

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