VIDEO: Ride Footage Released from Flight of Passage, Cameron & Sigourney Weaver Ride Navi River Journey

Disney has released some interesting videos amidst the media-blitz for the opening of Pandora: The World of AVATAR.

First up, a video which includes the first ride footage released for AVATAR Flight of Passage:

Second, here’s a look at James Cameron and AVATAR-star Sigourney Weaver riding the Navi River Journey:

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  1. Progressive Music Lover

    Those two cretinous 1%’s do not even have the decency to ride the attraction with the regular patrons of the park. How galling that they ride in their own private boats looking down on us little people whom they hold in contempt. That being said, my partner and I did enjoy both rides in Pandora that we were able to experience during the AP preview.

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