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Moana Island Life Coming Soon to Mobile

A new mobile game called Moana Island Life is coming to iOS and Android in the near future, and for those living in Canada the game is out now. The game appeared on the Canada iTunes store yesterday and has been available for download since. It is not uncommon for apps to release in the Canadian... Continue Reading

Marvel Tsum Tsum Out Now for Mobile

Alright, I am officially convinced that Disney is using the cuteness of Tsum Tsums to take over the world. Marvel Tsum Tsum is out now for iOS and Android users, and beware, this game manages to make you believe super heroes are adorable. Developed by NHN PlayArt Corp., this little match-three puzzle game plays very... Continue Reading

Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Objects Now Available on Mobile

A new Zootopia themed puzzle solving game is now available for mobile devices, titled Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object.  Think iSpy, but in Zootopia. Players will help Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde discover items at various crime scenes, then use their findings to arrest criminals. The game is free-to-play and offers many unlockables that reward players as they... Continue Reading

Two Cancelled Epic Mickey Spin-Offs Games Have Been Revealed

It appears that Disney cancelled two Epic Mickey spin-offs in 2012 before closing developer Junction Point. Unfortunately, this would not go on to be an isolated incident (R.I.P. Disney Infinity). The first game was titled Epic Donald, and it seems like it would have been similar to Epic Mickey, only featuring Donald Duck as the main character.... Continue Reading

Disney Infinity’s End Date Announced and Explained

Sad news Infinity fans, Disney has announced the final details regarding the end of Disney Infinity. Unfortunately, the details are not as cut and dry as they should be. There are a ton of dates, catches, and exceptions. Starting off with the console version of Disney Infinity 3.0, support for sharing Community Content will cease on... Continue Reading

Avatar Disney Infinity Concept Art Surfaces

According to a video posted by Twitter user InfiniteerAdventures, Avatar figures were in the concept phase for Disney Infinity.  As usual, the team at Avalanche managed to seamlessly marry the world of Avatar with the art style of Disney Infinity. It is important to note that unlike many of the recent cancelled figures that have... Continue Reading

Unlock New Emojis by Playing Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney just released a fun new way to unlock tons of cool emojis for you iOS or Android device. Disney Emoji Blitz is a match-3 puzzle game that has you beating high scores and unlocking your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. The game also features keyboard support for your mobile device with over 400 unique... Continue Reading

Star Wars: The Old Republic Getting New Expansion This Fall

One piece of information to come from Star Wars Celebration that kind of slipped by was the announcement of a new expansion for the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new release is called Knights of the Eternal Throne, and it’s coming this Fall! Aside from that, not much else is known at the moment.... Continue Reading

PHOTOS: Disney Infinity Miniature Figures Were Being Worked On

Disney Infinity would have possibly had miniature figures based on NPC characters from the game. News comes from the latest episode of the Inside Infinity podcast, where Will Kelley and Steven Operach were joined by Disney Infinity artist Thomas Estrada. You can watch the video version of the podcast below, many more fun bits of... Continue Reading

Three More Cancelled 12-Inch Disney Infinity Figures Shown

We now have images of three more of the cancelled 12-inch premium figures that were in development for Disney Infinity. Thanks again to Infiniteer Adventures for digging up and sharing all the latest news on these cancelled Disney Infinity plans. Just as a reminder, these figures were going to have unique moves and animations separate from... Continue Reading

Rogue One DLC Coming to Star Wars Battlefront

The fourth and final expansion release for Star Wars Battlefront will come this holiday, and will be based off the upcoming Rogue One movie. The announcement was made Saturday at Star Wars Celebration in London. The maps will take place on the planet Scarif, which was recently announced and shown on the new poster for... Continue Reading

PHOTOS: Cancelled Moana Disney Infinity Play Set

Once again, Kotaku has dug up more information on the cancelled Disney Infinity plans. This time, we’ve got images of the Moana Play Set. Below are pictures of the characters in the Moana Play Set. The Play Set looks absolutely beautiful. Judging by the photos, it seems like development was far along, and perhaps a playable... Continue Reading

PHOTOS: Cancelled Disney Infinity 12-Inch Figures Revealed

As reported by Kotaku last month, the Disney Infinity team had a lot of figures and Play Sets that were set to release this year. Among the many plans for the game was a set of premium 12-inch figures. The list of planned characters included Elsa, Darth Vadar, Buzz Lightyear, Hulk, Hulkbuster, and Jack Skellington. The... Continue Reading

REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Note: I played through LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens in about eight hours. I played the standard version of the game on PlayStation 4. During my play through, I completed the story and unlocked a variety of items, and characters. This review reflects only my time spent during this play through.  The last time I played... Continue Reading

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