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PHOTOS – Disney Infinity Girl Power Pack and Frozen Disc Sets

Note: The Frozen Disc Set are not actual figures but just 2 disks. Disney will be making individual figures for Anna and Elsa but will not be including them in a playset. Below are photos of 2 new sets coming in Series 2 of Disney Infinity figures which includes the Girl Power Pack and Frozen Disc Set. The Girl Power... Continue Reading

Disney Infinity Unboxing and Quick Review

  Fellow fan of the site, Da Endgame sent us a quick review and unboxing of the newly released Disney Infinity game. In the video, he quickly discusses how he was hesitant to buy the game but someone (cough, cough) persuaded him to buy it. Of course like any true collector, one does not simple buy... Continue Reading

Disney Infinity Problems for PlayStation 3 Gamers

Disney Infinity launched yesterday on all major consoles allowing games to connect to a number of Disney universes and even create your own using the Toy Box Mode. Except, there was a problem. Gamers who bought Disney Infinity for the PlayStation 3 were greeted with a number of problems that prevented them from actually playing... Continue Reading

Disney Interactive Reveals Disney Infinity ‘Power Discs’

Disney Interactive has released a full list of the “Power Discs” you’ll be able to use in Disney Infinity. Power Discs are little discs you’ll be able to place under your character that will unlock special powers and unlock items in the Toybox Creative Mode. You’ll be able to buy the Infinity Power Discs in... Continue Reading

New “Wake Up with Disney” App for iOS Devices

“Wake Up with Disney” App by Patty Granger Disney fans can now wake up and start every beautiful morning with their favorite furious fowl Donald Duck using Wake Up with Disney. People can turn an alarm clock into an interactive activity with 3D Disney characters, starring the popular Donald Duck at launch with more characters... Continue Reading

New Mickey Video Website and App

Are you a fan of Mickey Mouse? If you are reading this blog, I will go ahead and assume that you are. This past week Disney announced a new website and mobile app featuring both new and classic Mickey Mouse shorts. Both the app and the website are nicely laid out and are easy to... Continue Reading

“A Mouse Of Epic Proportions”: Epic Mickey Has Arrived!

The long awaited “Epic Mickey” for the Nintendo Wii has finally arrived! Why is this game worth a portion of your valuable holiday shopping budget? If you’re a Disney fan, this is the game you have been waiting for. Combining theme park references, classic Disney animation stars, and innovative gameplay; there is really nothing more... Continue Reading

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