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Get Your First Look At The Action Figures From “Spider-Man: Homecoming” has gotten their hands on some exclusive action figures that are part of The Marvel Legends line from the upcoming “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. The picture below shows Spider-Man in the upgraded suit that he received from Tony Stark in “Captain America: Civil War”, now with web wings (also seen in the Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer): The same figure... Continue Reading

‘Club Penguin’ is Shutting Down, New Game Coming in March

The 12 year old kid-friendly MMO Club Penguin is shutting down on March 29. Club Penguin was a social game where kids could create their own avatar, socialize, and decorate their virtual homes. The game seems quite antiquated by today’s standards, yet the dedicated fanbase has kept the game alive all these years. Club Penguin officially... Continue Reading

PIXAR’s New Short “Lou” Will Open for Cars 3

Audiences across the world have learned that Pixar’s latest short, Lou, will be the lead for Cars 3 which debuts in theaters June 16th.  Lou is the debut film for director Dave Mullins whose animating credits include Finding Nemo, Up, and the Cars franchise. Drawing emotions from his childhood, Mullins crafted the six-minute short to reflect on a... Continue Reading

Breaking Down The Final “Beauty And The Beast” Trailer

When the first “Beauty And The Beast” trailer was released, we compared the original animated movie to the scenes shown in the live action trailer, and for the most part they were spot on. With the final trailer of the film being released this week, and with a lot of new scenes added to this trailer, we decided... Continue Reading

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