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Chuck Canzoneri’s Pinocchio Panel Discussion Photo Report

Our very own Chuck Canzoneri attended a very special Pinocchio panel discussion at the El Capitan Theatre on January 22nd, & he has sent in these pictures & a couple of videos to us (with captions written by himself): I went to the El Capitan to catch the premiere screening of the newly restored Pinocchio.... Continue Reading

El Capitan Photo Report – 12/31/08

A very happy New Years Eve to all our readers out there! Today I had the chance to visit the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood for the very first time, & I managed to get a few neat pictures: Quite a cool window display. Decor in the... Continue Reading

Myrna Litt’s 12/18 El Capitan Photo Report

Myrna Litt visited the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood yesterday, & reports back to us with the following pictures: Set-up for the world premiere of Bedtime Stories, which comes out December 25th, 2008. A message outside the theatre from Ariel to keep the ocean clean. The box office. Now for a look around the adjoining... Continue Reading

Myrna Litt’s 10/26 El Capitan Photo Report

Also a tad delayed, but here anyway, is a photo report from Myrna Litt from the Soda Fountain & Studio Store at the El Capitan Theatre from October 26th, 2008: High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the current featured movie at the El Capitan. Too much High School Musical! This month’s special sundae is... Continue Reading

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