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Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Day 1

I just returned from a very long day at Walt Disney World, spending the entire day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, formerly the Disney MGM Studios. Not much has changed at the park, but some stuff has been updated: -The sign over the park entrance and parking entrance is still in red lettering but now states... Continue Reading

Hollywood is Almost Here

Over at the Disney MGM Studios, all of the original name signage has been removed and the first Disney’s Hollywood Studios sign is now in place. If you head over to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, the movie poster in the stroller parking area now has a small black title bar on the bottom with... Continue Reading

Going, Going….

The Disney MGM Studios signage over the parking entrance to the park has been removed. The new Disney’s Hollywood Studios name should be up in this and other locations by Monday. WDW News Today will be there to cover all events as they happen on January 7, 2008, as the Disney MGM Studios becomes Disney’s Hollywood... Continue Reading

Rivers of Light???

I was walking through Animal Kingdom earlier today and came upon a large number of park managers in Dinoland U.S.A. with some papers in their hands. Being the good guy that I am, I decided to stand around like a normal lost and clueless guest would. The group was discussing places to put additional lighting in... Continue Reading

MGM On It’s Way Out

Earlier this week, the dedication plaque at the Disney MGM Studios mysteriously disappeared. It is unclear at this time if it is simply being changed to reflect the new Disney’s Hollywood Studios name or if it will be replaced by a new dedication plaque based on the new goals and mission of the park. We... Continue Reading

Last Apology for 2007

It seems my lack of computer knowledge has caused problems again, so please allow me to apologize. If you tried to download an episode of the podcast through Itunes recently and it did not work, please try again. Our feed was not operating properly, but is now back up and running just in time for... Continue Reading


It appears Walt Disney World made a mistake when they announced the upcoming refurbishment of Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, they forgot how heavy crowds will still be for the three days following the New Year’s holiday, The refurbishment of Splash Mountain will now be from January 4, 2008 until February 15, 2008. Continue Reading

What’s In A Name

Name changes seem to be a common theme at WDW these days. The Yacht Club Galley at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is going to be renamed to Captain’s Grille sometime in the near future. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for the name change other than some minor menu adaptations. We will have more on... Continue Reading

Backlot Theater Demolition

The Backlot Theater at the Disney MGM Studios, formerly home to the Hunchback of Notre Dame show, is now being demolished in preparation for a future attraction. The announcement of this new attraction and some others could come as early as January 7, 2008, where it is believed a press event will be held to mark... Continue Reading

Christmas Podcast Coverage Now Available

You can now download episode 23 of the WDW News Today Podcast for live (well, sort of) coverage of the first annual Christmas Podcast Parade from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The parade features appearances by Judi Dench, Amy Adams, Roz, Tom Corless, Steve Swanson, John Corigliano, Brian Sommer, Luke Manning, Nick... Continue Reading

It’s Not Christmas Without Toys

Giving explanation for the concept art released earlier this year, Laughingplace.com is reporting that a new Toy Story Musical will begin playing on the Disney Cruise Line this coming March. Aa most of you may know, opening in the summer of 2008 at Disney’s California Adventure and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story “Midway” Mania, an interactive attraction based... Continue Reading

WDWNT Gains Exclusive Rights to Broadcast Parade

LAKE BUENA VISTA,  Fla.— Move over Regis and Kelly, a new Christmas Day Walt Disney World tradition has begun. While the long running Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade taped in early December airs on ABC this Christmas morning, another parade will be making its way down Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom. The... Continue Reading

Ring in 2008 With A Bang

Reported by WDWmagic: This years Magic Kingdom new Year’s Eve show is set to be one of the biggest and loudest ever at the Magic Kingdom. It features all new firework design by Walt Disney World’s Brad Cicotti, who has designed Magic, Music, and Mayhem, the Peace on Earth tag to Reflections of Earth, Epcot’s... Continue Reading

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