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Pin Event News

The designs of the pins for the upcoming Expedition Pins event will be revealed on November 28th. Our pin trading page will have full coverage on that date of all the details for the May 3, 2008 Animal Kingdom event.  Continue Reading

Enchanted Update

The new pre-parade procession featuring Giselle from Enchanted has begun to appear before the Hollywood Hollyday Parade at the Disney MGM Studios. Continue Reading

Epcot Rumors

Since there seems to be an uproar in the online Disney community over the last 24 hours, I thought I would address the two biggest Disney World rumors floating around: – It is being rumored that the new narrator for Spaceship Earth at Epcot will be famous actress Judi Dench. This is the first name... Continue Reading

WDW Rumors

-The Jungle Cruise will not see any refurbishment until the motion picture is released a few years down the road. -The interactive Kim Possible game is set to return to Epcot in early 2008. -The Wonders of Life pavillion is set for demolition in the summer of 2008. -The refurb of the Imagination attraction at... Continue Reading

Tusker House Re-Opens

In case anyone forgot, the Tusker House has re-opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. For breakfast, a full character buffet with characters such as Goofy is now offered. For lunch and dinner at the re-designed restaurant, a full buffet without characters is available. Before it’s extensive closure, the Tusker House was a counter service dining location. Continue Reading

Future Of The Studios

By the time the Disney MGM Studios becomes the Disney Hollywood Studios, it’s name will be the least of what is different. Already announced is that both the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage and Journey into Narnia attraction will go through extensive changes early in 2008. “Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!” will be closed from... Continue Reading

Concourse Steakhouse Closure

The Concourse Steakhouse on the Grand Canyon Concourse of Disney’s Contemporary Resort will be closed Permanently on May 11th, 2008. It is unclear at this time if the new restaurant called ‘The Wave” will be open by then. We will keep you up to date on this as more becomes available. Continue Reading

Prime Time Dining

Collin Korb is back with his latest dining review from the Walt Disney World Resort!!! This time, Collin takes a time machine back to the 50’s to visit the Prime Time Cafe at the Disney MGM Studios and his most recent dining experience there. Enjoy!!!We braved the weather today; it was wet and rainy all day.  We had slept in a... Continue Reading

Yak and Yeti Coverage

For a full look at the Yak and Yeti Restaurant which opened today, check out Mousesteps at this link: http://www.mousesteps.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=142&Itemid=90 Continue Reading

Yak and Yeti Now Open

The Yak and Yeti Restaurant and Yak and Yeti Market have both opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. While reservations can not be made until December 3rd for those planning to eat there from January 4th on, the restaurant and quick service dining location are now open. We will have more info and pictures on this... Continue Reading

Cinderella’s Holiday Wish

It appears that the new Cinderella’s Holiday Wish show has debuted at the Magic Kingdom already. The show has recieved excellent reviews so far and will be performing nightly at 5:45pm on the castle forcourt stage until early January 2008. A Video of the show can be seen at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fns1pw4f6Zc Continue Reading

New Christmas Parade

A reader sent us these great pictures of the new parade at the Magic Kingdom: From what I can make of it, it looks like most of the floats have been refurbished, but only two are completely new. I have not heard the music to the parade either, so I will hold off my opinions... Continue Reading

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