Spaceship Earth Closed

The big news this week is the removal of the infamous Epcot wand and the refurbishment of the Spaceship Earth attraction that both began today at Epcot. Expect the entire finale of the Spaceship Earth attraction to be completely different from it’s current form when it re-opens in mid-November 2007. Continue Reading

Released Series Home Page

Park Series 1 Park Series 2 Park Series 3 Park Series 4 Park Series 5 Park Series 6 Park Series 7 Urban Series 1 Urban Series 2 Urban Series 3 Urban Series 4 Urban Series 5 Urban Series 6 Urban Series 7 Urban Series 8 Holiday Series 1 Holiday Series 2 Holiday Series 3 Cutesters... Continue Reading

Upcoming Events

September 6, 2013 D-Streets Popcorns 2, September Poster Art September 15th, 2013 WDW EPCOT 13 Reflections of Evil Vinylmation Trading Event (More info) September 13, 2013 Online 2013 Poster Art Oswald September 20, 2013 D-Streets 2013 Poster Art Donald September 20, 2013 D-Streets and Online Halloween Vampire Stitch & Scarecrow Mayor and Darkwing Duck 2... Continue Reading

Park 6 Released

Park 6 Series Released: D-Street on 4/1/11 Original Price: $12.95 each Adventureland Tiki Artist: Casey Jones DCL Lifeboat Artist: Randy Nobel Hollywood Studios Clapboard Artist: Caley Hicks Monstro Artist: Eric Caszatt Norway Troll Artist: Casey Jones Orange Monorail Artist: Dan Howard Primeval Whirl Artist: Thomas Scott Sonny Eclipse Artist: Maria Clapsis Space Mountain Paris Artist:... Continue Reading

TRON: Legacy Released

The TRON: Legacy Set Released: D-Street on 3/25/11 Original Price: $9.95 Young Kevin Flynn Artist: Thomas Scott Kevin Flynn Artist: Thomas Scott Clu Artist: Eric Caszett Jarvis Artist: Eric Caszett Quorra Artist: Eric Caszett Rinzler Artist: Eric Caszett Sam Flynn Artist: Eric Caszett Zuse (Castor) Artist: Eric Caszett   Continue Reading

Disney Afternoons Released

The Disney Afternoons Series Released: Various Baloo Tail Spin Artist: Chris Chapman Sold with: Kit Cloudkicker Released: 3/2/11 LE 1000 Kit Cloudkicker Tail Spin Artist: Chris Chapman Sold with: Baloo Released: 3/2/11 LE 1000 Scrooge McDuck Duck Tales Artist: Chris Chapman Sold with: Launchpad McQuack Released: 4/8/11 LE 1000 Launchpad McQuack Duck Tales Artist: Chris... Continue Reading

Muppets 2 Released

Muppets 2 Series Released: D-Street on 4/15/11 Original Price: $11.95 each $12.95 at Disney Stores Captain Link Hogthrob Artist: Monty Maldovan Dr. Strangepork Artist: Monty Maldovan Dr. Teeth Artist: Monty Maldovan First Mate Piggy Artist: Monty Maldovan Janice Artist: Monty Maldovan Lew Zealand Artist: Monty Maldovan Penguin Artist: Monty Maldovan Pepe Artist: Monty Maldovan Scooter... Continue Reading

Urban 6 Released

Urban 6 Series Released: D-Street on 3/18/11 Original Price: $11.95 each Cactus Artist: Maria Clapsis Cry Baby Artist: Adrianne Draude Ice Cream Sundae Artist: Adrianne Draude Killer Bee Artist: Paola Gutierrez Side Mickey Artist: Thomas Scott Sumo Artist: Doug Strayer Sunny Day Artist: Thomas Scott Zipper Artist: Thomas Scott Weird Beak Artist: Maria Clapsis Chaser... Continue Reading

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