Cutesters Like You Released

Cutesters Like You Release Date: June 6 Artist: Dan Beltran Dreamy (Disney) It’s a little read haired girl in her PJ’s. Look at the details… Bunny slippers on her feet and what must be one of the last sheep jumping in her ear as she is already asleep by the closed eyes and the Z’s.... Continue Reading

Holiday 3 Released

Holiday 3 Release Date: December 9th 2011 Christmas Ornament We now have plenty of Vinylmation to make your spirits bright around the holidays! This is a nice red and green design you would find on a glass Christmas Ornament. Would have liked to see a hook accessory, but that may be saved for Jingle Smells.... Continue Reading

Urban 8 Released

Urban 8 Release: November 11, 2011 Warrior Maria Clapsis This figure looks like and Indian warrior. He has a great looking head piece and wonderful markings and coloring on the body. The way the feet are painted, it appears he is standing in some brown brush. Will there be a spear accessory? Rudos Casey Jones... Continue Reading

Urban 7 Released

Urban 7 Release Date: July 22, 2011 Urban 7 Combo Topper Alien Artist: Thomas Scott Mystery solved. We know know what set this classic alien figure is in. However there are at least two versions. A solid green and a clear green. One is the variant. Zombie School Girl Artist: Lin Shih She is a... Continue Reading

Park 7 Released

Park 7 Release Date: October 14, 2011 Donald Philharmagic Casey Jones The best 3″ design EVER. Hands down. Wow. This is a favorite of mine. It’s from the Philharmagic show where Donald gets stuck in a tuba at the end of the show. Only to get blasted out into the wall behind you and then... Continue Reading

Ticket Book Released

The Disneyland Ticket Book Set Released: D-Street California on 12/10/10 Ticket Book Cover Artist: Lin Shih A Ticket Artist: Lin Shih B Ticket Artist: Lin Shih C Ticket Artist: Lin Shih D Ticket Artist: Lin Shih E Ticket Artist: Lin Shih Continue Reading

Disney Cruise Line Released

The Disney Cruise Line Figures Released on various dates. Admiral Donald Statue 3″ Artist: Lisa Badeen Release Date: 1/28/11 Sold with: Disney Dream Admiral Donald Set LE: 1000 Admiral Donald 3″ Artist: Lisa Badeen Release Date: 1/28/11 Sold with: Disney Dream Admiral Donald Set LE: 1000 Dream Stars Jr. Artist: Lisa Badeen Release Date: 1/28/11... Continue Reading

Flags Released

The Flags Series Released: D-Street Florida on 1/21/11 D-Street California on 1/28/11 Brazil Canada China France Germany Italy Japan Mexico Morocco Norway United Kingdom United States of America Continue Reading

Cast Member Exclusives Released

Cast Member Exclusives Released on various dates. Cast Member Mickey Artist: Randy Noble Released: 3/19/09 LE: 20,000 Ambassador Artist: Randy Noble Released: 4/9/10 Volunteer Artist: Maria Clapsis Continue Reading

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