Downtown Disney Trading Locations

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Mystery 15 Box
Clear Box

Jr. Clear Box

Park Starz Clear Box

Pin Traders
Mystery 15 Box
Clear Box

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  • WoD is no longer trading?! When did this go into effect? I can sort of understand why, it’s such a small thing compared to everything else going on in the store.

  • Beginning of Dec WoD had a blind trading box, it was in the section with the jewelry. Yes its very busy so I am not sure if it has changed in the last month.

  • WoD Has the one mystery box at the Info desk and another that comes out at certain times. Traded at both today!

  • Emporium at Disney Quest is no longer trading. Effective this week. Just stopped there and the CM didnt know why, but said no more trading :(

  • D Street No longer has the Park Starz clear case because someone traded a normal vinylmation for a park starz

  • Disney Quest is back to trading Traded there a couple of days ago. The box is kept underneath now but just ask.

  • So just got back from DisneyWorld and was very disappointed with the state of vinylmation trading…especially at Downtown Disney: The Pin Traders location had a black DIY in the visible trading case and I mystery traded in Once Upon a Toy and received a marked up, terrible looking cutester that was definitely not trade worthy. I said something to the lady but she looked to be nearly 70 and wasn’t worth arguing with. I also found a black DIY at a trading station in the Magic Kingdom. What’s going on??? I would have been ultra-pissed if I had gotten a DIY in a mystery trade!!! Where’s the quality control?

    • Sounds like Vinylmation trading is going by the way of pin trading…..CMs will take anything. The CYO (clear, colored Create Your Owns) are not supposed to be taken in trade, by definition, because they do not have the Vinylmation stamping info on the bottom. That’s a pretty simple test right there. The people trading in the CYOs are not kids and visitors to the parks, but the regulars that try to “work the system” for their own benefit or to profit. I used to love trading pins with CMs until there were more scrappers on a lanyard than real pins. That took the fun out of trading. That’s why VM trading was so much fun. No worry for scrappers. Now, it’s CYOs, the fillers no one wants, and scratched up ones.

      It would be nice if Disney came up with a way to scan your Park pass and allow you to trade for a Mystery Vinylmation, once a day, at a special location. By that I mean, Disney would have a good stock of “wanted” Vinylmation behind the Mystery Machine. Of course, you would have to trade a legit Vinylmation. Disney would only have to train a few Vinylmation experts to determine legitimacy instead of any CM in general. With a system like that, everyone, even scammers, would be guaranteed of a quality Vinylmation everyday. Disney could recycle to unwanteds. By using a Park Pass, the quantity of scammer trading would be greatly reduced, but Vinylmation trading FUN would be increased to all.

  • Disney Quest in DTD is no longer trading. The cast members said it will jot be back anymore. So there is absolutely no more trading at Disney quest.

    • They keep going back and forth. It’s pretty crazy. And it’s sooo far away from the others that it’s not worth walking that far just to check.

  • Should be updated – Once Upon a Toy – mystery box broken and gone – only Clear 3 now.
    DisneyQuest stopped completely – so only place on that side of Downtown Disney is D-Street

  • Disney traders also has vinylmations trading at downtown Disney along with D Street. Was there last night.

  • Only two places at downtown Disney to trade vinylmations is DStreet and Disney Pin Traders.

  • Traded on 7/27/13 at Pin Traders and D-street. Only one kiosk for trading at Pin Traders so ask associate for assistance.

  • Went to Downtown Disney yesterday. Confirm that trading locations are at D-Street and Pin Traders. At D-Street you need to give up your vinylmation before choosing 2 number from the mystery box – one by one. If you don’t like what you get from the first number you choose, you can choose the 2nd number but you can’t go back to choose the first figure you get from the 1st try, and that requires you to keep the 2nd one (you can’t get your traded vinylmation back).

  • Very disappointed that we have invested thousands of dollars in vinylmations and now Disney does not support it like they did when we gave them all our money. My kids adore doing this and we are highly limited now. I feel cheated and will purchase no more.

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