Magic Kingdom Trading Locations

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Frontierland Trading Post

Various trading:

Multiple Clear Boxes
Mystery 15 Box
Jr. Clear Box
Park Starz Box
Pixar Box

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  • There is an open box and mystery box at the Space Mountain shop and Merchant of Venus shop in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom

  • They no longer have any trading at the Space Mountain shop since they don’t sell Vinylmations there any more.

  • There unfortunately isn’t an open box at the merchant of Venus. I do a park walk every day. Frontierlands trading point is beautiful.

    • Thanks for the heads up! And yes, I really like the unusual trading options in Frontierland as well.

  • They have a new open 12 count box at the Emporium, Scored a Floyd Pepper today there. Its so new the CM behind the counter didn’t even notice it.

  • Last time I was at the Frontierland Trading Post, they had more pins than vinyls on the left side on the wall.

  • my cousin said that there are more recent vinylmations for trade at the clear box in the emporium. she got a lot from cutesters at the beach

    • Im tht cousin!!!!!!! Frontier land had very good trading but was more dated. This is awsome if you are trying for a older collection but not the best for newer collections. THe people who work there are very friendly aand they let u trades lots. You can also buy pins and vinylmations there but not as many vinylmations.

  • Merchant of Venus has a trading box again and its at 24 one now instead of the 15 they had before.

  • Planning to head to WDW next weekend. Can anyone confirm that Emporium still has a 12 figure CLEAR box and do they still do the major trade table from noon-1? Bringing about 5 trades. Any suggestions on the best spots whether in Magic Kingdom or elsewhere? Luck seems to have run dry at my old Honey Pots (Downtown Disney)

  • To Joe: Yes the Emporium does have a large clear box. I was there last month. Also, another good place to check is Pop Century Resort. They have 3 clear boxes with 3 vinlys in each (total 9) They also have a 24 box, but it is during special hours. On my way to fill my Disney Mug at night while staying at Pop, I found Obi Wan chaser (non-variant) in clear trade box. They sometimes have GOOD catches there!
    Also, Orlando airport has 2 Disney Stores with trade boxes at at The Ear-Port store, they also have a large clear trade box. Good luck! Happy Vinyl tradin’!!

  • If you’re travelling by the airport do stop by the EARport with it’s 12 clear box. Found that both time I dropped by it had some good vinylmations!
    Overall I found MK to be quite ‘boring’ in trades. Saw several CYOs and doubles of the same figure which was disappointing, whereas EPCOT and AK had more variety and less of the common trade box figures, if you have time to check there.

  • Is the mass trade still going on at the Emporium every day? I’m in need of some good trades! Too many urbans and cuties in my collection!!!!

    • Magic Kingdom changed locations. Emporium is no longer trading Vinylmations. The only place in MK to trade is the Trading Post in Frontier Land.

  • The Emporium no longer trades but the Trading post in Frontier land had about 5 clear boxes and a wooden frontier looking box that held about 20 and a mystery box. I wish I had brought more with me to trade I had trouble choosing.

  • Any updates on locations in the Magic Kingdom? Is it still only the Trading Post in Frontier Land.

    • I’m sorry I have not kept this as updated as it once was. There is still trading at the parks. For the most part, one store at each park and D-Street.

  • I love how varied the mystery box selection is at this location, heck I even pulled the Idol chaser once! Last I was there, it seems the clear 15 slot box was missing though. Not sure if it’s back or not.

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