Cutesters Like You Released

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Cutesters Like You
Release Date: June 6
Artist: Dan Beltran

Dreamy (Disney)

It’s a little read haired girl in her PJ’s. Look at the details… Bunny slippers on her feet and what must be one of the last sheep jumping in her ear as she is already asleep by the closed eyes and the Z’s.
Schooly (Disney)

A girl in pigtails with a blue skirt and red bow. The colors look reminiscent of a sailor.
Frenchy (Disney)

This girl has a very artsy, Parisian look to her. The red scarf and beret are the perfect touch. And she has a heart in her right ear. And Je t’aime, I Love You, in her left ear.
Hippie (Disney)

A very 60’s look to this girl. She sports the bear feet look or has sandals and you can see the painted toenails. The colors are perfect, and I like the purple tinted glasses. A nice little guitar and the added touch of flowers in her ears of course!
Smarty (Disney)

Continuing the wonderful color pallet used in this set, this figure has bright purple hair, dark purple pants and a light purple tie. She is dressed in a striped shirt with a bracelet on her left wrist and glasses painted on. She must be a good student, getting A+ grades and with schoolwork on her mind.
Tuney (Disney)

She is ready for the band! A very happy look to the green haired girl. She is wearing headphones, has a record on her shirt and music notes in her ears. She also has an MP3 player strapped to her side.
Glammy (Disney)

It appears to be a celebrity dressed up for a movie premier under the stars. A camera in one ear is snapping pictures. She has a fashionable pink dress on with elbow length pink gloves. She has hair sitting on her shoulders and a diamond necklace and earrings as well.
Excercisey (Disney)

She is about to hit the track and exercise. She is wearing sneakers with wrist and head bands. Here ears read “No pain, No gain.” Game on!
Hero-y (Disney)

She appears ready to fit crime and make the world a better place for girls everywhere. She has a masked face and big purple star on her costume’s front. Purple gloves, shoes and eye wear.
Pandy (Disney)

This reminds us of the Squirrel and Tiger kids from Cutesters Too. This time it’s a panda costume with a little blonde girl peaking out.
Rocky (Disney)

She looks a bit on the tough side. Dark purple hair and ponytails. Lightning bolt on her shirt. She is wearing a studded belt and bracelet.
Flower Girl (Chaser)
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