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Update 07/30/13 Finally updated these pages after the policy changes earlier this year. I thank everyone for the constant updates in the comments. Honestly, I was tired of changing it daily, so I wanted to let the dust settle for a few months and see where trading lands. As it stands, each WDW park has 1 trading location (except Epcot who has 2), there are 2 locations at Downtown Disney and no resorts have trading. Let me know if DLR locations are up to date. Thanks!

Update 03/15/13 Last month, Disney officially reduced the number of trading locations at the parks and resorts across both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. We have adjusted the Trading Locations pages accordingly. If you ever find any differences than what we have listed, please let us know. Also, some of the rules have been adjusted. You will find a good guideline below, but be aware that your individual trading experience may be different.

Trading Vinylmation is fun and a great way to complete your collection. Disney occasionally holds Trading Events, and we will post those dates on this site. But you do not have to wait for an event to trade. Disney has set up trading locations in various stores around the Parks, Resorts, Downtown Disneys, Cruise Ships and DVC locations across the county. Click on a location below for stores and what types of trading you will find there. On this page, you will also find the trading rules Disney has set up for trading with Cast Members and the different types of trading you will find.


There are two main ways to trade with Cast Members. Most trading locations have both a Mystery Trading Box and an Open Trading Box. Mystery Trading is up to luck. You pick a number, and the Cast Member shows you what’s behind the door. Disney started with a Mystery 12 at D23, and also toyed with the idea of single figure boxes.

Because of the popularity of trading, they quickly realized they need bigger boxes, so they went to the 24.

The 24 space boxes proved to be tough to handle. Many a cast member has dropped, fumbled, tipped or kicked or cracked one. So as they break, they are being replaced by the new 15 Space trading boxes. Easier to handle and lighter than the original.

In our Trading Locations section, we note if it’s a Mystery 24 or Mystery 15.

Open Trading Boxes are… just what they sound like. You can see exactly what you are trading for with these. Boring… but effective. However these are not without thier varients. The normal Open Box fits 3 Vinylmation.

We are also begining to see open multi-leveled trays filled with 8 to 12 Vinylmation. We have also seen an Open Oval with 5 to 7 Vinylmation at the All-Star Resort. And even Open Single Boxes in Pin Traders at Downtown Disney.

Finally, Disney also allows for trading Jr. Vinylmation with Cast Members. There are about 5 or 6 figures per case. You must have a Jr. with a key chain attachment to trade, and they will ask you to take off the big key ring.

The Rules of Vinylmation Trading

Disney has set up some rules for trading Vinylmation and we would like to share them with you here. Many of these are straight from Disney’s Official Vinylmation website, but we also include some tips and insights from our trading experiences. Also note that these of course are the rules for trading with a Disney Cast Member… if you’d like to trade with other collectors, you may make your deal that is acceptable to both parties.

1. As with Pins, your Vinylmation must be an Offical Disney Vinylmation figure. All official figures bear a “Disney” mark on the bottom foot stamp.

2. Vinylmation should be in good, original, undamaged, tradable condition.

3. Create-Your-Own Vinylmation Figures are NOT accepted for trade.

4. You can only trade for a figure that is in the same proportion to the one being offered for trade. (e.g. 3″ for 3″)

5. This one is rarely enforced, but worth knowing about. When trading into a Mystery Trading Box, some Cast Members require you give up your figure and make the trade. I’ve heard this is a rule, but it’s not on Disney’s site. Most Cast Members do not require you give up your figure if you do not like the figure behind the number you choose.

6. Additional items (packaging, cards, buttons, accessories etc.) are not required to be offered in a trade. Packaging is never accepted or given. Some cast members keep the cards around, but most will not even accept your card if you offer it. As far as accesories… make sure you ask. Some cast members outside of D-Street have a limited knowlage of Vinylmation. I had to ask for the Fairy Godmother’s wand in a trade (it was in the case, not in her hand) But I have also seen a Fairy Godmother with no wand available.

7. Guests may trade a maximum of one Vinylmation Figure per activity, per location, per day. Per activity means, for example, you can trade at the same location into both the Mystery Box and the Open Box. You just can’t trade twice into the Open Box.

8. When trading into an Open Box, you must offer a figure not already in the box.

9. Mystery Trading Boxes may not be available at all times in all locations… but it never hurts to ask! Some locations only bring out the Mystery Trading Box every few hours through the day, but many cast members will bring it out if you ask during non-busy times. One exception is the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney in Orlando. They set up a special table when it’s Mystery Trading Box time.

10. Jr. Vinylmation trading only has Open Trading Boxes. The one rule for Jr. trading is your Jr. figure must have the key chain on the head. Many of the first run Jr. figures do not have this and can not be traded.

11. Monies, gifts or receipts may not be exhanged or used in trade for a Vinylmation.

12. And the catch all direct from Disney: “Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Guests suspected of abusing the guidelines or the Vinylmation™ Trading process may be subject to, among other things, removal from the Resort premises.”

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  • Do you know what time they set up the special table for the Mystery Trading Box at World of Disney at Dowtown Disney Orlando (and where specifically in the store)???

    This list of trading posts are super helpful. Thank you so much. I can tell you took a long time setting up this list and mapping it out. Thanks. You guys are AWESOME!!

  • I’ve been trading for a while, and it looks like they are trying to step up the policy outlined in point #5. I think it’s ridiculous, especially when they do not warn you ahead of time. If you don’t want to be forced to give up your Vinylmation, ask the cast member ahead of time if you MUST give it up.

  • Trading locations needs to be updated please.
    At DHS, there is no longer a mystery box at Disney Co. Store, only an open trade box X 1.
    At Epcot, there is no open trading at the walkway to the World Showcase (near Kim Possible), there are no vinyls for sale there anymore. There is no open box or mystery box at Imagination or Test Track (unless I didn’t see it, someone else want to verify?). Mouse Gears only has 1 Mystery box of 15 and 1 open trading.

    • There coming out will all new vinylmations, which is cool. But since coming back this year on vacation I have notice no more trading booths. I’m told the boxes are broken or we dont do them any more. Phasing trading out, shame on you disney. You get us hooked just to take it away.

  • just came back-at d vinyl store you were required to give up yours first then pick a # once a day but at comtempary hotel they gave you 3 chances to get the one you wanted, finally letting me pickfrom 4 different ones. also at downtown d store seperate open trading box for park stars

  • one of the stores in hollywood studios (near the entrance) told me upfront in mystery box trading that “I did not have to give up my vinylmation” if I did not like it. I don’t think you should have to trade for one you don’t want if you don’t like the mystery one you pull

    • There’s an argument for both schools of thought, “must trade” and “only trade if you like it”. What we really like however is that they tell you which it will be before you trade. That way there are no surprises.

  • I’m torn on the “Must Trade and you can only trade once” vs “We’ll give you X amount of chances and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to trade”. I’d like to know what I’m going to have to do going into the trade, but I also like to have it mixed up. If that makes sense.

    • I think that’s where I end up too IndyandMarion. I like mix. I feel that the “must trade”s might actually rotate more figures into the box then the other way.

    • Nowhere official, apparently Glasgow Disney store was doing some trading ‘unofficially’, but I don’t know if they’re still doing that. I do believe theres a UK vinylmation facebook page in which you can trade, but I’m not sure. How about joining a forum, you can usually find a couple of UK members who are trading. Apart from that the nearest trading is Disneyland Paris!

      • thanks for your help, hopefully disney will decide to intoduce trading in disney stores here soon. I will have a look to see if i can find a forum with some uk traders.

        thanks again

        • No problem.
          I’m sure we will eventually get some trading going on in Disney stores. I’ve seen more and more UK collectors start and vinylmations having good sales both in the Disney Stores and online, I mean last time I called Oxford Street they had NO vinylmations, and my local store only had a couple of boxes of Have a Laugh.

  • Only problem i have with rule number 5. And we had is my kids trading for vinyls with alot of damage or different heads and bodies. Or the create your owns. Had the problem like 4 times. Most cast members were really great to our kids though. Cant wait to trade again

  • The only place that I’ve encountered the “must give up” rule was at d-street, otherwise I had pretty decent luck everywhere else in WDW!

  • As of today they have removed the trading boxes from the Photo Center (at the front of the park), Guest Relations, and the United Kingdom. This leaves just 3 trade locations in the entire park.

    There was no solid answer as to why. One cast member didn’t know, one said it was because vinylmations weren’t popular anymore (really?) and one said it was because they were getting all sorts of traders from the clearance sales at the outlet malls. My response to that is that perhaps they shouldn’t overproduce them!

  • At MK right now. No longer trading at emporium. We just traded at trading post. They have hidden box and a large open no guessing box to trade.

  • Hi. My kids are disappointed with this policy. They bought about 80 vinyls between them last yr. they brought them to trade this yr. so far no purchases because thrill of trading options is gone.
    We went to D Street last night and hey don’t trade anymore
    Thanks for the updates.
    Good luck trading.

  • Hi we are at Disney and just learned there are only certain locations to trade. Don’t sell the vinylmations at a store you can’t trade. My kids bought them and they got the same one as each other. He wanted to trade and they said we had to go to a park. When it’s Xmas week and it’s packed I’m not going back to a park just to trade it. Come on Disney. It was exciting to trade. At least have the hotels and option to trade also….

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