Studio Rumors

There are some interesting rumors going around the net today and I just wanted to take time to address some of them. The big one floating around right now is the refurbishment of the Star Tours attraction. Yes, it is true, but i have heard others say it would be opening next year. The earliest time a new Star Tours would be opening is Spring/Summer 2009, it will not open anytime before that, but it will happen.

Another big rumor has been the Block Party Bash coming to the Disney MGM Studios in the spring of 2008, which is also true.

Then there is the biggest and most rediculous of them all, the talk that Playhouse Disney would be moving to a tent in the parking lot behind Rock N Roller Coaster. I have heard some crazy rumors in my time, but this one takes the cake. The show will be refurbished sometime this winter, but it most certainly isn’t moving anywhere.

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