SSE Delayed!!!

In the “we saw it coming, but is it really that much longer?” department, the opening of the new Siemen’s Spacship Earth at Epcot has been pushed back from November 13th, 2007 to February 19th, 2008. The pushback was pretty much expected from day one, but the latest deadline given for the project to finish was originally December 20th. The problems being experienced in the refurbishment range from major technical glitches in the new finale, to just the fact that they have not had enough time, enough money, or enough workers in the project. The same problems can be seen in the construction of the Yak and Yeti Restaurant at Animal Kingdom. The restaurant was supposed to open in October, now November, and is expected to be pushed back yet again. All of this also establishes something we mentioned here on the site a long time ago, that the new Spaceship Earth will bear little or no resemblence to the attraction that preceeded it.

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