2008 Disney Parks Vacation DVD Now Available

I just received the new DVD in my mailbox and have to say I was impressed with the packaging, but the DVD is essentially the same. Only the ‘New Additions’ segment was updated to include Toy Story Mania and Block Party Bash. The actual Walt Disney World portion just shows clips of those two attractions briefly. Hopefully they will put out a new DVD half-way through 2008 with all the updated information. Here is a look at the new packaging:

Here is Editor in Chief, Carmine Torchetti, holding up the new envelope that the DVD comes in: 


Here is the new personalized pamphlet talking about all the new stuff to see during the Year of A Million Dreams:


Here is a look at the envelope you’ll see in your mailbox:


Here is the WDW Pamphlet that comes with the DVD highlighting everything the resort has to offer:


If you would like to get the new Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD, visit this LINK.

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