Classic Epcot Revisited

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Here is a special look at some upcoming pins on

As you may know, Epcot® is in the midst of celebrating 25 years of discovery. We released several pins on October 1, 2007 to commemorate this milestone. Well, we have a couple more pins planned for 2008 (since their 26th year won’t be celebrated until October 2008). These pins will be part of a White Glove collection (meaning a larger sized, more embellished pin … trust us, they will look incredible!). For this White Glove collection, we kick it “old school” paying tribute some of the classic Epcot® Attractions (some of which are either no longer in existence or have changed over the years). The sneak preview below features the pin for the original Journey Into Imagination attraction with Dreamfinder and Figment, and the much beloved Horizons pavilion (we always did like the smell of oranges, the ongoing debate between kelp and seaweed, the slight chance the father would finally grab that lost shoe and getting to choose our own ending). Look for these pins (and a few more) coming later in 2008.

If we can dream it, we can do it!

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