Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Day 1

I just returned from a very long day at Walt Disney World, spending the entire day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, formerly the Disney MGM Studios. Not much has changed at the park, but some stuff has been updated:

-The sign over the park entrance and parking entrance is still in red lettering but now states the new name. The sign over the bag check area is still not in place.

-New park maps and times guides with the new name are available.

-Most cast members working in attractions still said the old name in their spiels, a big mistake for a big day.

-The limited edition pin that was originally postponed was released, just later in the day than expected.

-Some of the smaller signs in the park were removed and not replaced with the new name.

I’ll be sure to put up some pictures from today and the rest of my trip after I return home and I’ll also have a full trip report on our next episode of the WDW News Today Podcast.