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Here is some news from a partner site I am very proud to be a part of,  WDWCelebrations.com:

WDWCelebrations is proud to offer a new method of user-to-website communication where guests of WDWCelebrations.com have a chance to ask open questions and speak with the team working on upcoming WDWCelebrations events. Skypecasts are very much like conference calls, though designed to allow for proper queuing of questions and speakers in an organized fashion.  All Skypecasts will be recorded by WDWCelebrations staff in order to review all comments and questions for further review. 

Skypecasts are a voice-only method of communication; therefore certain applications and hardware are required to participate.  Depending on the level of hardware, two options are available:  listen-only and interactivity (listen and speak).

Skypecast interactivity requires:

The most recent version of Skype (download at http://www.skype.com/)
A computer microphone or webcam capable of supporting online voice chats
Soundcard and speakers or headphones
In addition, a broadband or DSL internet connection is recommended
Please be sure to test your microphone by calling “Skype Test Call” (echo123) before joining the Skypecast.

Skypecast listening (no interactivity supported) requires:

The most recent version of Skype (download at http://www.skype.com/)
Soundcard and speakers or headphones
In addition, a broadband or DSL internet connection is recommeded

Our next Skypecast is scheduled for:

Saturday, January 19, 8:00 pm EST

The link to join the Skypecast will be posted here approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

For guests participating in listen-only mode, the link to join the text-only Skype Chat will be posted here approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

This Skypecast will be extremely pertinent for those planning on joining us for the Animal Kingdom 10th Anniversary Event from WDWCelebrations, “A Wild Decade”, or any other future WDWCelebrations special events.

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