Pictures of the new Autopia costumes

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The new cast member shirts have arrived at the Autopia! Autopia cast member & good friend of mine, Jason Saldivar, has posted some pictures of the new costumes (photo captions by Jason):

As you can see, it’s a bit Star Trek mashed with a parking attendant. The colors match Tomorrowland’s new color scheme with the orange, light blue, & dark blue. The sleeves are a light gray color.

The shirt sports the Tomorrowland logo on the left sleeve.

The shirts zip up instead of button, which is very much appreciated. It’s hard to tell, but the blue has sparklies in it which gives an added ounce of pixie dust.

The back of the shirt.

Here’s the jacket for the new costume. It’s very futuristic, right? It’s interesting because I think it looks more spacey than Space Mountain’s jacket, even though Autopia has nothing at all to do with space. But it’s a great looking jacket, & again very Star Trekky.


Thanks again to Jason Saldivar of the Mickey Mouse Follies blog for posting these pictures up on his Flickr account!